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  1. and just to confuse matters....I would have said crow - the bird seems a bit "smooth" to be a raven though i have not seen an eastern one...only out west.  Also the crows in MD seem to fly in flocks - murders ...if that helps while the ravens i was in the west were usually in pairs if not singly

    but as Millipede said - bet wait for others

  2. This is a good one....picture great but i cannot ID it.....Looked at all three (prairie, peregrine and gryfalcon)   to me closed to dark morph gryfalcon but while have been spotted in NJ it is considerably of normal range...Head lacked "sideburns"  of peregrine or prarie  

    I will pass this one on

  3. in the first picture..is that the bill sticking out from behind the blade of grass?  if so seems the wrong shape and size for a sparrow.  But I a terrible as IDing sparrows (among others)  and the face seems different from my guide

    did i miss where and when this picture was taken

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