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  1. I am no expert but from what I can find...seems to fit...were you at the bird preserve on the island?
  2. one more vote for Coopers for the reasons mentioned by IvoryBillHope
  3. was going through old photos and found this.. Thought it was a chipping sparrow but the dark mark on the chest confused me . Could it be a juvenile American Tree Sparrow? Photo taken in late March 2017 - Baltimore County MD possible tree sparrow by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  4. I was going to make a similar comment to Akiley....4th picture and others include a goose that does not look like the others. larger bill for one thing - could it be just a canada goose
  5. Is it possible to ID this duck with this one picture....taken in Central Florida in May of 2015 Florida duck by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr thank you
  6. From Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve , Henderson Nevada. October 23, 2018 possible sparrow ...can it be identified from only this angle possible sparrow by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  7. can snyone ID this bird found after a window strike at the nature center at the Clyburn Aboreatum today. It was very small..a penny has been added to the picture for scale Cylburn aboreatum by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  8. No, female Cinnamon Teals have mottled plumage and rounder bills and they lack the contrasting light patch near the base of the beak and the peaked head shape, as you noted. thank you .
  9. question - could this be a cinnamon teal - female, juvenile or eclipse. Beak color and shape seems different then female type Ring-Necked Duck. BUT the heead is more "peaked " than i would expect for a teal. Best i leave this for experts
  10. Excuse me if this is a duplicate from long ago - I did not write the name of this if i have posted it before and have had to restore alot of the everglades photos and do not have name for this Everglades 2016 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  11. thank you...i will retract my guess and let someone more familiar ID this. I got a eared grebe in winter plumate in Nevada bout 10 days ago.....and had no idea what it was...other then grebe till someone ID'd it as an eared grebe ' ' oh yes....do you know that the big bird in left corner is (heron?)
  12. it is a long way but - by the shorter/thicker bill, i would say pied-bill grebe. edit - location and time of year???
  13. I did not think to look at winter plumage but have some pied billed grebes in there winter plumage taken the same day. But yes it does look like an eared grebe in winter plumage. I was at HBVP in April of this year and have eared grebes in breeding plumage and did not make the connection. and thank you for IDing the cinnamon teal..... thank you
  14. oh yes...thought the grebe may have been a least grebe but that does not appear on the HBVP checklist
  15. two more - Oct 23, 2018 - Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve Nevada first is a grebe (I think) of some sort but cannot ID it grebe by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr second could be a cinnamon teal but coloring is not quite right - sorry for the poorer photo IMG_8607 (2) (408x274) by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  16. agreed - female purple finch - primary field mark for me is white eyebrow..to distinguish female purple finch from female house finch
  17. all of these taken October 23, 2018 at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve (HBVP) in Nevada 1 yellowlegs - unsure if greater or lesser - Both are on the HBVP checklist Henderson 2 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 2 not sure of this one..but legs seem paler that potential yellowlegs henderson 1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 3 snowy egret ? cannot see its feet snowy egret maybe by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 4 have no idea vegas 2018 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 5 Great Egret great Egret 1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr thank you
  18. thank you...am looking into this now....
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