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  1. thank you...am looking into this now....
  2. from Charile Me, I use round 30" metal shields on my poles. Let me know if you want the web site I order them from. They're about $40. Charlie...yes i would like to know....
  3. I had to move one feeder from a tree (due to kamikaze squirres that just keep dropping till they hook one edge of the feeder). I put in on a double hook that was protected from ground up b a 6' stovepipe..never has a problem till a could of weeks ago, then the suet dough would disappear almost nightly..maybe two nights. I took a good look at the stovepipe and was shocked to see raccoon prints...how do they do this....I thought the 6" pipe would deter most anything. I put some scrap aluminum at the top hoping that would deter them.. nope. what do i have to do
  4. female purple finch.....I have a great deal of difficulty telling then male purple from the male house finch -so rely on the female. In my experience the female purple as the more distinct field marks on her head...eyebrow and under. The female house finch is almost drab in comparison as I said...from my experience in Maryland
  5. one more vote for hairy..in addition to the longer beak - also a "sloping forehead" ..more than I have seen with the Downy
  6. please excuse my blatant error on the size - it it is the wingspan that my guide gives as 65". Length 30 "
  7. I do not have a good answer to what this may be but a question - the Great Black Back gull is the largest the gulls and my guide gives its length as 65" - that piling..if close to a normal piling would not likely be over 24'" and the gull seems only a slight bit larger.. Also and this may be the camera angle 0 does not the GBB gull have pale eyes.
  8. thank you for the info..and will be more careful with my comment on roang so am really hoping someone with more expertise in this than I weighs in
  9. just thought of (DUH) and looked at the checklist for the Henderson site. They only have the white faced ibis list and it is a great place.
  10. by the range....would not expect this to be a Nelson. Also does not "appear" to have the grey median crown stripe of a Nelson (juvenile would not have the whitish belly that this bird has But all that said.....will wait for someone one more expert in sparrows
  11. I was there (Henderson site) in April of this year -2018 - and saw what was ID'd as white face...did not see any others...I may be going back this month...if so will ask if they have or have seen any glossy
  12. and distinctive double vertical black strips on white face ( for future ID)
  13. ttook this in April of this year 2018 outside of Las Vegas Nevada. at first thought I presumes a glossy ibis..but the bill color is wrong as is the range ( according to my bird ID book. any help greatly appreciated. IMG_6393 (2) (640x427) by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr IMG_6398 (2) (640x428) by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  14. i tend to agree..at least with the third image....Hairy the pictures of the bird are harder for me ...but when usually say that the Downy..in additon to being smaller and shorter bill...has a more prnounced "forehead" as the Hairy's is more sloping
  15. two more from Utah ....first from Bryce Canyon ..Aug 16th this year. Possible a stellar jay?? second from Capital Reef...possibly a Says Phoebe? similar shape and size as one earlier sorry for the poor quality... 1 Bryce bird by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr 2 Capital Reef bird by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr any help would be appreciated
  16. Thank you both and thank you Bird Brain for the info on the wing bars...they really had me stumped
  17. Saw this bird in Fruita Utah, which is part of Capital Reef National Park. August 17, 2018 - early afternoon while picnicing after a hike. (Fruita has great pies by the way and U-pick orchards - a real surprise in this area). Any way the bird was distant and i got some long shots and walked a little closer and it flew right at me...landed not 15 feet away so i was able to get these. I thought at first it may be bluebird related but have been stymied by that bars on the wings. It is a pretty bird Unknown Bird 1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr Unknown bird 3 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr any help would be appreciated
  18. I agree with the last by tclarkwood Help me Identify a Bird Photo Sharing General / Off Topic Discussion Birds and Birding Birding Trips Backyard Birds, Feeders, Food
  19. seen in early february of 2018 - need id...possible grackle
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