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  1. I had to move one feeder from a tree (due to kamikaze squirres that just keep dropping till they hook one edge of  the feeder).  I put in on a double hook that was protected from ground up b a 6' stovepipe..never has a problem till a could of weeks ago, then the suet dough would disappear almost nightly..maybe two nights.  I took a good look at the stovepipe and was shocked to see raccoon prints...how do they do this....I thought the 6" pipe would deter most anything.  I put some scrap aluminum at the top hoping that would deter them.. nope.

    what do i have to do

  2. female purple finch.....I have a great deal of difficulty telling then male purple from the male house finch -so rely on the female.  In my experience the female purple as the more distinct field marks on her head...eyebrow and under.  The female house finch is almost drab in comparison

    as I said...from my experience in Maryland

  3. Saw this bird in Fruita Utah, which is part of Capital Reef National Park. August 17, 2018 - early afternoon while picnicing after a hike.   (Fruita has great pies by the way and U-pick orchards - a real surprise in this area).  Any way the bird was distant and i got some long shots and walked a little closer and it flew right at me...landed not 15 feet away so i was able to get these.  I thought at first it may be bluebird related but have been stymied by that bars on the wings.  It is a pretty bird 

    30378682168_704bff0380_z.jpgUnknown Bird 1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr

    42438288620_b802d1db6f_z.jpgUnknown bird 3 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr


    any help would be appreciated

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