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  1. Thanks everyone! That’s what I thought but it’s a pretty rare bird around here, so I wanted to get confirmation!
  2. Seen in NY today. Always have a hard time with these flycatchers. Appreciate the help.
  3. Saw this warbler today up in the canopy at Cypress Garden in South Carolina. It was flitting about with Yellow-Rumped, Pine, and Black-and-White warblers. Not sure about ID. Maybe a pale Pine Warbler? Thoughts?
  4. One more pic. Attached. Not terribly helpful, though it does seem to disqualify Tennessee (lacks white undertail). Also considered Prairie, but the sides lack streaking.
  5. Saw this bird back in early September in Brooklyn. Totally forgot I was able to snap a picture and as I was clearing my memory chip today, came across the picture again. Not sure about ID. I am thinking Orange-Crowned Warbler, but would welcome other thoughts.
  6. Thanks. But is there anything in particular that makes you positively reject the CT? I still think the eye is too small and the eye ring broken, but I’m curious. Anywhoo, here’s a side by side of my bird with a similar pic of the CT seen a few days later.
  7. Thanks! Agree on both counts. Was just hoping someone could point to something definitive, though given the low quality of the pic, that's probably asking for too much.
  8. Thank you! Thanks for the clear explanation of the field marks. I have such a tough time with sparrows!
  9. Coming back to this posting. After posting last month I submitted the bird into eBird as a Mourning Warbler. Then I promptly forgot about it. Because Mourning Warblers are rare in Brooklyn, it was sent through the eBird verification process and a few days ago I noticed it hadn’t been verified so I reached out to eBird. They took a look and asked if this bird was not a Connecticut Warbler. At the time, thought the eye ring looks broken in the picture and because they are also quite rare hadn’t spent much time thinking that was a real possibility. BUT, here’s the kicker, I took a look on eBird and the morning after I took this pic, someone ID’ed a Connecticut literally less than 10 feet from where this picture was taken. It was seen by 5 or 6 birders and lingered for the entire day. So now I’m thinking maybe it IS indeed a CT warbler! It would be a simpler explanation that one rare bird was there And lingered than to think there were TWO different rare birds on consecutive days! I would love to be able to definitely ID this bird. It’s frustrating to think I found on of two fairly rare birds and not be able to tell which one! So if anyone has any thoughts on this or further feedback to tell one way or the other what this bird is, I am all ears.
  10. Seen on Brooklyn in appropriate habitat but these sparrows are so hard to tell apart for me! And it’s not a the best picture with the bird facing away.
  11. Definitely not a Swainson's! No spots, for one thing.
  12. No other pics. It seemed bigger than a Yellowthroat to me. But you're right, yellowthroat probably cannot be ruled out from just this picture.
  13. Found this largish warbler-type bird. It was in a bush close to the ground. Full eye-ring, pale pink legs and feet, mostly drab colored with some yellow underneath. Pointed bill. Looks good for a Connecticut Warbler to me, but I curious if anyone has other potential IDs, given how rare a CT Warbler would be.
  14. It's not a very good picture, but can anyone positively identify this thrush? Seen yesterday in Brooklyn. Veery? But it's late in the season (though not totally unreasonable) and it didn't look red enough to me. Grey-cheeked? Bicknell's? Not sure there's enough detail in the picture for a definitive id, but welcome some experts thoughts.
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