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  1. Thank you for the confirmation! I saw her/him again this morning, other end of the field. Nothing like seeing an owl fly over your head, you sure don't hear them at all.
  2. Yes, here's the video. First sound about 4s then next at 15s. Unknown night bird orange county CA
  3. Thank you! I just scoured Merlin for birds that are a possibility for tree perching in my area. The most likely (so far...) seems to be a female great horned owl. Makes sense as I see a great horned owl perched on the baseball cage every so often (picking rabbits off the field I imagine?) I have seen the night-heron around and it sounds similar but a bit shallower of a sound.
  4. I walk my dog at 530 in the morning to avoid other dogs. I regularly use a local school across from a birding hotspot. For 2 days, 8/23 and today 9/10, I've observed (in the dark) a bird high up in the canopy calling. I've gotten it's sound on a video, however it's very faint. It sounds like a goose's honk is the best I can relate it to. I can't imagine what a goose would be doing 45' up in a tall pine, so I doubt it's that. We do have sightings of rare birds for the area, so any ideas are welcome. I can look up sounds from the ideas to make a match with my poor audio and memory. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you! Location: North Tustin (near Peter's Canyon Park), Orange County, California Time: ~550AM -Michelle
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