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  1. Warber ID is so difficult for me. Is this a female Bay Breasted Warbler? Thank you. Deerfield, Lake County, Illinois
  2. I'm having trouble ID'ing this bird. Perhaps you can help? Thinking Eastern Wood Peewee or Olive Sided Flycatcher, but both could be wrong. Highland Park, Illinois. Thank you.
  3. Tony, thank you for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I had only a second to snap this shot before the bird took off. (Also, I put the location in the title of the post...)
  4. Greetings. Found this bird hiding in a thicket. I believe it's a thrush, but which kind? Thanks.
  5. Greetings. These are four different birds found in the same general area of a local (Lake County, Northern IL) forest preserve. Are they all song sparrows? I'm having trouble ID'ing. Thanks.
  6. I saw this bird on March 13 on Anna Maria Island, Florida (near Sarasota). I have the picture of the bird with the Royal Terns for a size reference. Is this a Willet? (Sorry for the poor quality --) Thank you!
  7. Greetings. Spotted this bird in the woods in Lake County, Illinois on 9/14/20. I’m thinking flycatcher, but which one? Sorry for the fuzzy photo, and thanks for your help!
  8. I think this is a Blue Headed Vireo. Would you agree? Lake County - Northern, Illinois. Thank you.
  9. Greetings. Having a hard time ID'ing this vireo. Lake County (northern) Illinois. Have narrowed it to: Warbling, Red-eyed, and Philadelphia. Sorry for the weak photos. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  10. Ha! I get it now! No worries -- I've been at home too long.
  11. Actually, the local Audubon group members are still spotting both species.
  12. Actually, the Audubon group members in my area are still spotting both species.
  13. These photos were taken in Northern Ilinois. I am struggling between Easter Phoebe (but head looks too light) or Eastern Wood-Pewee..... Or something else? Thank you.
  14. Merlin suggested Yellow-rumped, Pine, or Cape May warbler. Thanks for your help and suggestions.
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