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  1. Sorry I pressed post before it was full uploaded, the pic is on the subsequent post.
  2. Thanks Sneat and SirVive for your answer to the question of the spider webs use!
  3. Saw this bird picking things from a spider web, not sure if it was something to eat or collecting the web to be used in her nest? Any thoughts on this and its ID are appreciated! Thanks Ricardo
  4. Thanks Akandula! Kept hearing a Northern flicker but think it must have flown away before I could find him
  5. Just saw this bird in my yard in Palo Alto Ca today. Thought it might be a wet Northern flicker juvenile or? Thanks for any help.
  6. Thanks Blackburnian! It turned out that he was sitting watching a mouse, allowing me to get his pic! I thought he was looking at me but instead was watching the mouse that was near me. When he flew towards me, I didn't react fast enough to change the settings on my camera so ended up with this photo:
  7. Thanks Creeker! That was what I was thinking but had never seen one sitting down!
  8. Observed on October 18 in Pt Reyes. Thanks for your help!
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