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  1. A hawk flew over my house today in Palo Alto, CA while being chased by the crows. We mostly have red-tailed hawks in our neighborhood but for some reason this didn't seem to be one? Or is it?
  2. Thanks! Thought that was a possibility but it was by itself (don't they usually come in a flock) and seemed bigger than I might have guessed (though hard to say when looking with my lens).
  3. We get a lot of birds coming for the ripe green berries on our Chinese Pistache tree in October in Palo Alto, CA. Most are regulars and I can identify however hadn't seen this one before (or since). Not sure what it is? A juvenile of some sort? Thanks.
  4. Was watching and photographing a spotted towhee on a bush when s/he stretched his head up as if to look bigger? Never had seen this before. Is this because they felt threatened? Or?
  5. Think this is a Western Sandpiper? or? Photographed in August at Abbotts Lagoon, Pt Reyes, CA. Thanks for any help. PS. My friend thinks it is a Red Phalarope?
  6. Thanks Kevin, BirdNrd, and Tony for the rapid responses! Will have to go back and look again.
  7. Went to a area yesterday in Northern California (March 19, 2021) where the scaly-breasted munia had been observed and found this bird eating. Any help on ID is very much appreciated!
  8. Observed chasing a tern with a fish off Moss Landing on Oct. 12. Thanks for your help, have never seen a jaeger before.
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