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  1. A hawk flew over my house today in Palo Alto, CA while being chased by the crows. We mostly have red-tailed hawks in our neighborhood but for some reason this didn't seem to be one? Or is it?
  2. Thanks! Thought that was a possibility but it was by itself (don't they usually come in a flock) and seemed bigger than I might have guessed (though hard to say when looking with my lens).
  3. We get a lot of birds coming for the ripe green berries on our Chinese Pistache tree in October in Palo Alto, CA. Most are regulars and I can identify however hadn't seen this one before (or since). Not sure what it is? A juvenile of some sort? Thanks.
  4. Was watching and photographing a spotted towhee on a bush when s/he stretched his head up as if to look bigger? Never had seen this before. Is this because they felt threatened? Or?
  5. Think this is a Western Sandpiper? or? Photographed in August at Abbotts Lagoon, Pt Reyes, CA. Thanks for any help. PS. My friend thinks it is a Red Phalarope?
  6. Thanks Kevin, BirdNrd, and Tony for the rapid responses! Will have to go back and look again.
  7. Went to a area yesterday in Northern California (March 19, 2021) where the scaly-breasted munia had been observed and found this bird eating. Any help on ID is very much appreciated!
  8. Observed chasing a tern with a fish off Moss Landing on Oct. 12. Thanks for your help, have never seen a jaeger before.
  9. Okay, maybe wishful thinking but any help IDing this bird would be very much appreciated. Photographed in July, 2020 at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA near a nesting area for terns.
  10. Sorry I pressed post before it was full uploaded, the pic is on the subsequent post.
  11. Thanks Sneat and SirVive for your answer to the question of the spider webs use!
  12. Saw this bird picking things from a spider web, not sure if it was something to eat or collecting the web to be used in her nest? Any thoughts on this and its ID are appreciated! Thanks Ricardo
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