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  1. Somehow I made a hotspot at my dad's workplace, just a paved parking lot in the middle of a city. With two incidental sightings of two species 6 years apart 😂 But I did make a couple hotspots at some nearby lakes which was nice.
  2. Yeah, I think you are correct about that; on second thought they both look like juvi's with that colloration. I was just thrown off by the streaking on chest on the first bird, sorry about that.
  3. Those look like northern harriers, and are both males I believe.
  4. That was my impression as well, but I could be way off as well
  5. I think so, but I'd wait for more opinions.
  6. There's another one to the left of the center cackling that looks smallish to me, but may be to large for Cackling.
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