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  1. Yeah plus there’s a new discussion feature apparently.
  2. Can you elaborate? * It looked fine to me this morning
  3. Absolutely insane amounts of dabbling ducks here the other day. I think the freeze forced all the ducks out of the smaller inland reservoirs and to the edge of Lake Huron. Also according to eBird I found the first January Dunlin record for the bay area. eBird Checklist - 5 Jan 2024 - N. Callahan Rd - 33 species (+2 other taxa)
  4. Are you going to go for it? If it sticks I may eventually, but my car is currently in the shop.
  5. Your first inclination would be correct, that is a Turkey Vulture. Not the different head shape and size, and how the wings are held, in a "v".
  6. A lot of color distortion here because of the shadows, leaves, and green light reflecting off of them
  7. Definitely a Blackpoll - super nice find!
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