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  1. The only U.S. hawk with a red tail.
  2. I Had a Good Thanksgiving! Regrettably, I only gained horizontal inches 😛
  3. You have the advantage! I can’t see fine details on my phone, lol.
  4. I have no experience whatsoever with pelagic birding, but I agree with Avery.
  5. I think the streaking in the crown, and lack of an obvious white eye ring. But I don’t have much experience with CCSP, I could be wrong. Edit: I am confused by #5, I’ll leave it to the experts haha.
  6. 1: Looks like a Swamp Sparrow with those buffy, unstreaked sides. 2: Correct 3:Looks like a young Chipping Sparrow 4: Vesper Sparrow with that big white eye ring and russet wing patch. 5: I think you are correct. Edit: Didn’t see you change your id to vesper in time!
  7. Banding in tail, white flanks with minimal spotting, small bill-it all points towards an immature Red-Tailed Hawk.
  8. The first photo shows an Eastern Bluebird, but yes the second is a Dark-Eyed Junco.
  9. That actually looks better for an adult Broad-Winged Hawk
  10. Those are scaup, female lesser I think. Different head shape, and lack of plumage features I would expect on a male this time of year.
  11. Looks like Red-Necked Grebe with that dusky neck and big yellow bill.
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