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  1. Tail pattern for starters I think
  2. Have you tried using the target species tool on ebird? You can filter by location, date, and life or yearlists etc. And then just put in the species on the ebird maps and look for recent sightings (Those pins shown in red are observations submitted within the month)
  3. Got it. I should probably use manual more often, need to get the feeders up for some practice.
  4. Glad you got that figured out, nice shot. Are you shooting with aperture priority?
  5. IN THE OPEN TOO!!! Amazing find dude, that’s so awesome! 😯😯
  6. Alright, someone else can post the next one, I’m kinda busy today.
  7. Downside of mostly using a phone means I can’t see y’all’s signatures. Congrats on the creeper @Seanbirds!
  8. WOW, and in 2 hours! I can completely understand that happening with cooperative shorebirds though, I think I took 400-500 once even though I only had 5 different subjects 😅 Still need to look through those some more. https://ebird.org/checklist/S88914800
  9. 6500 photos from one checklist, would be truly impressive and terrifying at the same time.
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