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  1. Found my first perched nighthawk this morning! T'was difficult to get the whole bird + a nice background in one photo, so enjoy a headshot for now. ML619533001 - Common Nighthawk - Macaulay Library
  2. In the past two weeks doing Kirtland's Warbler surveys... Spruce Grouse! One of a cryptic relic population in the Lower Peninsula. And Mississippi Kite, the definition of being in the right place at the right time (first record for this half of the state). Photo credits to another member of my field crew who actually brought a camera 🫠
  3. Man, I need an actual Mic. Here's a Kirtland's Warbler clip I got with my phone for now. ML619526845 - Kirtland's Warbler - Macaulay Library
  4. My state bird Harlequin Duck from a couple weeks ago! Not the best but I’m happy considering they aren’t exactly easy to find. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/618637835
  5. The tail pattern of a redstart in flight is very different - it’s one bold bar of yellow/orange. Looks fine for a Parula to me.
  6. I hate this update so, so, much 😞
  7. Bohemian Waxwing from earlier this year at my school 😁 ML617487008 - Bohemian Waxwing - Macaulay Library
  8. Took one of my friends birding for the first time yesterday, I guess he used up his beginner's luck, since we got to see an incredibly accommodating Merlin. I thought maybe it was injured at first but it flew off strongly after a bit. ML617456604 - Merlin - Macaulay Library
  9. In Michigan's Keweenaw peninsula we're finally seeing some action - after the only exciting birds being Greater White-fronted Geese and Hoary Redpolls for a month, Lol. And by action I mean tree swallows, butterbutts, fox sparrows, and of course duck migration. eBird Checklist - 11 Apr 2024 - Nara Nature Park - 52 species
  10. Got my best views ever of a quinque of Greater White-fronted Goose the other day! The Keweenaw peninsula has had a remarkable year for them, with 10+ flocks reported this spring (only a handful previously). ML616920498 - Greater White-fronted Goose - Macaulay Library ML616920499 - Greater White-fronted Goose - Macaulay Library
  11. Yeah plus there’s a new discussion feature apparently.
  12. Can you elaborate? * It looked fine to me this morning
  13. Absolutely insane amounts of dabbling ducks here the other day. I think the freeze forced all the ducks out of the smaller inland reservoirs and to the edge of Lake Huron. Also according to eBird I found the first January Dunlin record for the bay area. eBird Checklist - 5 Jan 2024 - N. Callahan Rd - 33 species (+2 other taxa)
  14. Are you going to go for it? If it sticks I may eventually, but my car is currently in the shop.
  15. Your first inclination would be correct, that is a Turkey Vulture. Not the different head shape and size, and how the wings are held, in a "v".
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