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  1. Catbird in the open doesn’t happen very often, so I risked the ticks to get eyelevel with this guy. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/449695811
  2. Pretty happy with some of these hummingbird flight shots I got the other day. Those little feet poking out of their feathers though... https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/449113021
  3. Went through typing half of these and then @PalmWarbler had to go and snipe me 😤 Agreed with @PalmWarbler's id's, but I think 6 is a Gray-cheeked Thrush, as I'm not seeing much buffy coloration in the face. I also agree that 9 is some thrush. Veery would be my best guess.
  4. Found this gem of an underbirded hotspot last fall, where I could regularly find a few Orange-crowned's every time I went. They're typically one of the more uncommon migrants in the county. Here's one of them.
  5. Pretty crappy but my best photo yet of an Iceland Gull (Thayer’s subspecies)
  6. They aren’t a protected species here, so technically it’s not a problem to raise them. I know of someone who has. https://youtube.com/user/Rainbowkittenism
  7. Yes, probably good to leave these as duck sp, or Mallard/Mottled duck. Sorry, I had forgotten about Mottled Ducks down there for a second. Impossible to determine if they're a hybrid or not, anyways.
  8. Ducklings of some sort. Do Blue-winged Teal breed in florida? I'd tend to lean Mallard or Muscovy ducks for these though.
  9. Never seen one myself but sure looks like a male Wilson's Phalarope to me!
  10. For a few seconds the other day I got my first close and at eye level Scarlet Tanager views 😁 https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/448455041
  11. Thanks! And yeah, so true, glad I'm not the only one who thinks that 😁
  12. Yes. Someone had told me originally that they thought it looked fine for a Lazuli, but thankfully some people here and someone from the MRBRC chimed in with other options.
  13. My "Rarities" from yesterday at Tawas Pt. State Park in east-central Michigan. So hyped about this one. Adult Little Gull!! A very uncommon migrant through the great lakes and one I've wanted to see in adult plumage (And closer than a 250 feet away) for a while. Rare this far east and north, a migrant Yellow-headed Blackbird VERY rare past southern Michigan, had some pretty good views of a continuing Cerulean Warbler! 3rd report for the state so far this year, and another very rare bird so far north, a migrant Dickcissel And whatever this bunting thing is...
  14. Been wanting to do this for a long time. Spent all day at Tawas Point State Park yesterday, one of the top birding spots in Michigan. Watched migration off the point for a couple hours and found some pretty unusual stuff, and then milled around the park for the rest of the day. More photos to come eventually! https://ebird.org/checklist/S109835196
  15. As others have said #3 looks like a Cape-May. In the most recent photo I think I can see a tail pattern confirming that and a yellow/green rump.
  16. Wow. Nailed the lighting, background, and everything in this one!
  17. Just look at the Parula photos on this checklist!! https://ebird.org/checklist/S109833370 I was actually standing right next to him and got some similar photos of the same bird, but he got the better angle haha.
  18. Thanks you very much for this great info, much appreciate it! I can totally see a hybrid comparing it with a few examples on eBird. Hybrid was my first thought tbh but someone strongly suggested a pure Lazuli, and I just didn’t want to be sitting on a potential state record haha. I’ll update to a hybrid when I get time to write a good report; hopefully I can get some reviewer input soon. Yikes, the female in this list looks even more Lazuli like than mine…
  19. Yeah, I feared that would be the case. Someone else told me this as well. Ah well, not a 4th state rec, but still a cool bird. Thanks for the help!
  20. Seen today, Iosco Co, Michigan. Obviously not an Indigo Bunting, but does this look good enough for a pure Lazuli? Input much much appreciated. Just gunna tag some random western folks. Thanks! @DLecy @Connor Cochrane @Aidan B @IKLland
  21. Incredible day on the family property this morning, with huge numbers of migrating warblers being the highlight. At least 23 Warbler species, don't think I've ever breached 20 on one list before. Yeah I had 100 species in my sights, but sadly missed some weird expected birds and didn't get any raptors. Ended the day with 95 sp, (Possibly higher, pending review of several warbler flight photos) so I'm satisfied though (And exhausted 😁) Might have some photos up in a few days. https://ebird.org/checklist/S109696360
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