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  1. Just a couple house finches, the one on the left is trying to eat a maple seed, and then looking disappointed once she dropped it 😁
  2. American Bittern! Wow, amazing picture! These are so hard to find sometimes!
  3. Welcome to the forum! This is a Pied billed Grebe.
  4. These look like Lincoln's Sparrows...but I'd wait for some input from more people here.
  5. Seen today in s.e. Michigan, not sure if this is Trumpeter or tundra? Thanks for any opinions!
  6. Any ideas what these are? Flying over my house in S.E. michigan. Thanks! I apoligize for the supper crapy photos 🙄
  7. First is Song sparrow, third is field sparrow. 2nd is maybe a Lincoln's sparrow but I'd wait for some more opinions.
  8. I still need bobwhite for my life list, nice find! I got Greater Scaup, Ruddy Duck, Common Golden Eye, and fox sparrow today.
  9. This is a Coopers hawk, right? I'm seeing a squarish head and tail, but just wanted to be sure. It decided to raid our feeder and sit still for a few good shots.
  10. Agreed. But aren't the birds in the last photo either Shiny Cowbirds or some other blackbird?
  11. Hi all, went to Kensington metro park today in S.E. Michigan, and I saw a few water birds that I could use some help id'ing. Thanks in advance for any opinions! #1 Are these Greater or lesser Scaup? I'm thinking lesser, since those have been reported there recently. Probably not able to id but just wondering if anyone else had an opinion. #2. these are RedHeads and more lesser/greater scaups right?
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