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  1. Agreed with Prothonotary Warbler and Northern Mockingbird.
  2. 1. Male + Female House Finch 2: White winged dove. 3: Pass 4: Yellow Rumped Warbler?
  3. That was my first impression as well. But kinda hard to tell.
  4. Looks better for a fish crow, grackles would have longer tail as you mentioned and would be smaller overall.
  5. Thanks, been looking at images of dark eyed junco subspecies for too long I guess 😂
  6. Hi all, This junco at my feeder is giving me a hard time; it reminds me of the Cismontanus S.s.p but it doesn't seem to have a well enough defined hood for that; However the coloration also seems a bit off for Slate colored (Expected S.s.p in Michigan). Perhaps a mix between the two or just an oddly plumaged slate colored junco? Thanks in advance for any suggestions, probably just something ordinary, just curious if anyone else had any thoughts
  7. I'm gunna go with Immature Bald Eagle as well.
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