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  1. Not big into swimming in 30 degree weather 😁
  2. Yes-the only regularly occurring North American species with white in its wing.
  3. Argh 😂 I remember this, I was so confused as to what I wasn't getting right. Then it hit me 😂
  4. I think posture/preportions are a better match for a Snipe rather than a Dowitcher, but yeah, wait for more opinions on this one.
  5. Red-Breasted Mergansers. Note the wispy reddish crest, lack of a white chin patch (Differentiates them from Commons) and the thin red bill.
  6. Yup, yup, and hard to tell but probably another Least given it appears to be similar in size to the others.
  7. Nice! Gotta love those randomly photogenic species. But yeah, the 150-600 is a rather heavy lens, and sometimes that’ll happen to me too if I hold it for a while and I can’t prop it on something.
  8. If possible, cropping the original image would help immensely.
  9. Thanks! I figured it was probably just a Herring that looked odd to me, but just thought I should double check.
  10. Not at all, now that everyone’s already seen the topic, I think it would be a great idea to move it.
  11. Yay! Gulls! Even though I arrived late to the gull roost, there were still several hundred gulls there, including two obvious Thayer's. I saw this bird for a few minutes, and its odd patterning and small bill made it stand out, and It flew off after a few minutes. Is it another Thayer's? Thanks in advance for any input.
  12. Definitely a Mockingbird, and yes, looks like it has an overgrown or deformed bill.
  13. It was awesome! The sheer number of waterfowl/waterbirds was amazing, and most of it easy to view. Just get out of the car, or look from the window if you see something interesting. The only place I saw whistling ducks while I was down there as well. I just wish I had had more time there, understandably my family didn't want to mobilize early in the morning. So we were kinda rushed during the last 45 minutes or so. I'd definitely go again though if I visit that area in the future!
  14. Here in Michigan I'm just happy to have temperatures in the low 30's and low wind! A little sun now and then is nice too 😁
  15. Seriously amazing dude! Thanks for sharing it.
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