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  1. I don't think Norther Bobwhites don't have that dark belly, and they have a different speckle pattern on their sides. I'm not sure if its ring necked pheasant or not, perhaps it's an aberrant or domestic individual? but that tail seems a bit long for bob white I think. Edit: Agreed with birdbrain
  2. Definitely a Pheasant, probably Ring-Necked but not sure what's going on with the head.
  3. Thanks for the correction, I agree with Ruby-Crowned Kinglet.
  4. Seeing all this I'm now thinking some sort of eagle as well...
  5. That actually looks better for Hutton's Vireo, but definitely wait for more opinions.
  6. Doesn't the head projection seem a bit too big for Golden eagle? Personaly I'd go with Common Raven due to that and head posture.
  7. Congrats on the lifer and awesome checklist!
  8. Looks good for Green-winged teals but wait for more opinions.
  9. That's what i did at first too ๐Ÿ˜Wish there was a way to delete a post haha
  10. Yep, that's a male house finch. Its normal for them to have red coloration in the back and rump. Purple finch would be more of a red wine color and have red not brown streaking.
  11. That's actually a Double-Crested Cormorant. Notice the yellow, hooked bill, a feature that herons lack.
  12. Agreed for the reasons akandula mentioned.
  13. Agreed, cool bird! (I missed posting this first by about 10 minutes lol)
  14. Thanks for the great article everyone, helps a lot! Thanks, I was focusing too much on coloration and not enough on body shape.
  15. Any info'd be great and much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜
  16. That's what was throwing me off too, I did consider Eared Grebe as a possibility. More opinions would be great; eared grebe is kinda rare here.
  17. That was my first impression too.
  18. Hi all, just like to confirm if possible that the bird on the right in these photos is a Horned Grebe. Sorry for the bad pics, they were quite a bit away. Seen today in southeast M.I. Thanks!
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