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  1. Hello everyone I need your advise on this item I found on chewy - http://bit.ly/chladder. I have been looking for a nice natural and cheap bird hut where they are hide and play with each other. In this I see a ladder too is there which they can sit on. The price too seems reasonable and its made of coconut which is natural. Please advise. TIA
  2. Hello I came across this product on chewy - http://bit.ly/chbirdtoy and would like to know if I can purchase it? Looks nice to me but still need your advise. Thanks!
  3. I need some advise on finding bird huts. I am looking for something natural which can be hanged anywhere, playful and large enough for finches. Please advise - I looked on chewy, walmart and amazon.
  4. Hi, I am looking to buy a natural toy for my birds, Please advise. I checked amazon, chewy and walmart.
  5. Hello everyone Recently I started searching for a resting spot for my warbler. I searched on amazon, chewy and walmart. Can anyone advise me a nice product. Thanks
  6. Hello. I have a 5 to 6 month old tiel that im weaning. Im very close to getting him weaned. only the last feeding of the day is left. He has a filled crop before feeding. Today he ate 0.5ml of formula only.then regurgitated a bit of it. (its normal for them to regurgitate after feeding). Should I stop feeding him?
  7. Hey everyone!I need a little bit of help with something. I've been noticing that a lot of house sparrows have been found dead in my front yard. I have no idea what is killing them. So far, two house sparrows have died of unknown causes by my house.Naturally, I am concerned for the Birds visiting my feeder. I dont know if something I am doing is killing them. I havent done anything except fill the feeder two days ago.Currently investigating, will let you know if I find anything. Dont want any more birds to die.Any advice on what I should do will be appreciated.
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