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  1. @HamRHead and @The Bird Nuts... thank you so much for the speedy reply!! The male of this species is certainly a beauty. I hope to see one of those as well! I keep a running list of new birds to my yard each year so this can be added. I just looked up their range and they certainly are common. 🙂 Thanks again! Karen
  2. Hello all, I live in Toronto and just had a visitor to my yard that I have never seen before. It's small bird (a bit smaller than a sparrow) and appears to be olive/green on top with yellow tones on the breast/belly, has a white (maybe tan) eye ring and long, narrow bill. At first I thought it was a female/juvenile Goldfinch but when I zoomed in with my camera I didn't see the familiar wing markings of a Goldfinch and the bill looked different. Also the body shape of this bird looks different from a Goldfinch. This bird is roundish. I'm thinking a female Connecticut Warbler. My area
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