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  1. OK then for an eastern wood-pewee ! Thank you
  2. A friend told me about a tufted titmouse ?
  3. Wisconsin, Mirror Lake state Park, 5th sept.
  4. A friend of mine tells me a yellowbellied flycatcher is uncommon in Wisconsin in sept. This one looks like one doesn'it ? Thank you for your help.
  5. flycatcher too but... ? ( in Wisconsin like the previous one, 5th sept.)
  6. Hello, a flycatcher sure but which one please ?
  7. I wonder if this duck is a mallard or not ?! Large and bluish bill... Thanks
  8. I forgot to write I saw it in Wisconsin (Devil's lake) 2 weeks ago
  9. I know the picture doesn't help a lot but is this one a rose-breasted grosbeak as I think ? Thank you (Wisconsin 2 weeks ago)
  10. Hello, I hesitate... Sharp-shinned or Coopers hawk (or else ???)for this one ? Thank you
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