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  1. Just saw this...yes, looks like it. They are all super-similar. 😆
  2. Thanks TBN and BB22! And great calls...I never would have looked to Africa for an ID. Wondering if it could be a village indigobird from the more inconspicuous wing markings. Anyway, I've never come across an exotic escape in this yard except for one budgie, so this is pretty interesting.
  3. Hi all -- I'm in Chapel Hill, NC and just saw this (small) sparrow-sized creature out the kitchen window near the feeders. Best photo I could get before the battery died, but I could see no pale markings up front. Only the bill and legs stood out from the rest, a somewhat mottled dark blue/black. It flew to the ground, poked around a few seconds under the feeders and then was gone. Any help with I.D. is much appreciated.
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