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  1. At an oceanside beach in Nova Scotia this morning. Is this a Red Knot? Thanks for your assistance.
  2. Thanks for the input Aiden. GBBG are far more common here. Young gulls are a challenge.
  3. On the coast of Nova Scotia this morning. Might this be a Lesser Black-backed Gull? Thanks.
  4. This morning in Nova Scotia. Savannah Sparrow ( Ipswich ) ? Thanks.
  5. Looks like a Lesser Yellowlegs to me. Shorter straight bill. I'm no expert.
  6. Re "pope's nose". I misspoke. My bad. What I meant was that the beak follows the line of the crown.
  7. My reasoning on the hawk is: Pope's nose, lighter nape, reasonably thick legs and the tail feathers look to be rounded but I welcome input. Thanks
  8. Nova Scotia this morning. I'm never too confident with new birds and don't want to post until I'm sure. Thanks for your time. Cooper's Hawk and Piping Plover?
  9. Nova Scotia this morning. Do I have a Swamp Sparrow and a White-crowned Sparrow? Thank you.
  10. I'd default to @AlexHenry. The bill sure looks like a Blue-winged. The lack of a pale spot at the base of the bill threw me off.
  11. I think juvenile Green-winged Teal. I am not an expert.
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