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  1. Welcome to the Whatbird Community Engineer91.
  2. #1 & #2 are of the same bird and #3 was about a mile away in thick mixed forest along an old wood road. Hoping for a Great Crested Flycatcher. This would be a new bird for me, so I'd like to be sure......Thanks (Oh, Nova Scotia this morning.)
  3. Thank you @Hasan and @Tony Leukering. You folks are such a help !
  4. Photos taken in Nova Scotia this morning. I'm trying to ID this flycatcher by using the excellent powerpoint presentation on Empid Identification by Cin-Ty Lee that was referenced by Tony L. some time ago. I've noted the following--- shallow forehead angle--peaked crown--indistinct eyering--small bill--orange lower mandible--relatively strong wing panel contrast--medium to long primary extension. The bird was silent. There you have it, and I still don't have an ID. My best guesses are, Eastern Wood-Pewee or Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. I need more eyes on experience. Can you please help. Thank
  5. Nova Scotia this morning. There are lots of Hermit Thrush and a few Swainson's Thrush in my stompin' grounds and I see them daily. This bird was perched over a swamp and was picking bugs from the water. I was able to grab a couple of poor shots, and upon review, it just looks a little different. The spotting on the throat and breast seem to stop abruptly and the eyering seems broken. I was not able to get a look at the tail. Before I dismiss it as a Hermit, could you folks have a quick look. Thanks so much.
  6. The short,straight bill with blunt tip and the lightly streaked breast has me leaning towards Semipalmated Sandpiper but wait for an expert.
  7. Maybe Dark-eyed Juncos? Welcome to Whatbird.
  8. #1 looks like a Clay-colored And #2 looks like a Chipping. Wait for an expert.
  9. Maybe a Northern Flicker (yellow shafted)?
  10. Looks like an Alder Flycatcher to me. The bill is too large for a Least. Although, wihout hearing them, the Alder and Willow are essentially identical. I am only a noob so wait for an expert. Also, it has a lot in common with an Acadian. Good luck.
  11. Thanks Bird Nuts. I just wanted a second opinion. If it walks like a duck......and quacks like a duck..........it is most likely a ..............
  12. I was hiking around an inland lake in Nova Scotia today and spotted what I thought were five Greater Yellowlegs way offshore on a marshy island. I took a couple of doc. shots and upon review, picture #3 looks different. It is probably just distortion from the extreme zoom but looks chunkier and seems to have a light coloured bill. Can you folks please have a quick look. Thanks
  13. I tried to identify this bird on my own for ten minutes using my guides and came up blank without a clear picture of the head. Once guided to Vesper by Hasan and Tony, my guide pointed out the white outer tail feathers which can be seen in both pictures. I learn so much from this site.
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