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  1. Yeah. I got that one. Thanks Blackburnian. What has me confused is the black wing tips.
  2. Thanks Tony. Just so you know, I have guide books and endeavor to identify these birds on my own and am making progress. The collective knowledge, and the willingness to share it on this site, is a huge assist.
  3. Low brush along the beach in Nova Scotia today. There have been Tree Sparrows reported here in the past and this bird never did get more than a foot above the ground. Thanks for your effort.
  4. Hi all. #1 Dovekie #2 Some kind of murre? #3 Herring Gull (American 3rd winter?) Thanks for your time.
  5. Alex Henry.FYI You are correct in your assumption that the pink spot on 2 photo is the uppertail. I remember that the bird dropped down and flew away from me. Does this make the ID good for a Redpoll?
  6. Thanks AlexHenry. I think that if 5&6 is a Purple Finch then it would follow that 1&2 has a good chance of being a Purple Finch. I thought #7 should be a Song Sparrow, but it just didn't sit right with me.
  7. 1&2 same bird- 3&4 same bird- 5&6 same bird-- 7 who knows? Thanks for taking on the challenge.
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