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  1. No Alex. Like the 'Beatles', I just "Let it Be ". I Guess it might be a White-rumped sandpiper. I have a couple more pictures if it helps.
  2. Is this good for a Baird's Sandpiper? It would be a first for me. Seaside beach in Nova Scotia this morning. Thanks
  3. Female Black Scoter it is then. Thanks so much everyone.
  4. This lone duck landed just off the coast of Crystal Cresent Beach Provincial Park in Nova Scotia this morning. It swam around for a couple of minutes and then flew over to join some Common Eiders. Is it just another Common Eider? It looks different to me. Thanks
  5. Ah yes Connor. Razorbills are a possibility. I'm happy about the Lesser Black-backed Gull as it is a new one for me. Thanks so much.
  6. Can I get confirmation on these gulls #1- Iceland Gull, #2-Ring-billed Gull, #3 and #4 are the same bird - Lesser Black-back Gull (I've not seen one before so the second picture is for comparison to the Great Black-backed Gull) , #5 and # 6 are the same birds, original and cropped - a long way off, but I think maybe Murres. Thanks for the help
  7. A big " Thank you Sir" to Kevin, Mr.Leukering and Mr.Spencer (aka. Duke of Mayonnaise)
  8. Most warblers have left Nova Scotia by now, but I saw this one this morning and was only able to grab two bad images before it flew. So once again, I must seek help from my 'bird mentors'. Can anyone ID this bird from the poor photos? My best guesses are Pine or Blackpoll. Thanks
  9. The general look is a Horned Grebe but it may be a Red-necked Grebe. Can you folks help me? Thanks
  10. whoops! I've been calling these Solitary Sandpipers. Thanks
  11. Thanks for figuring this out for me. I'll report it as a Red-throated Loon.
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