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  1. Nova Scotia today. Also maybe a Red-necked Grebe? Thanks
  2. Thanks to all. This group is the best. The more I learn about birding, the more I realize, I've only just stuck my toe in the water.
  3. #1 Semipalmated Plover #2 Sanderling ? #3 Common or King Eider? #4 Type of Gull ?
  4. Armed with your excellent observations, I consulted my guide (Birds of Canada by David M. Bird,Ph.D.) and I agree with your call. I wouldn't have got there without your help. Gulls are tough and thanks to you, I've learned alot.
  5. Thanks sfimnt. This bird was the same size as the Herring Gulls in the cove, but was conspicuous due to its clean pale appearance.
  6. Thanks cvanbosk. I was hoping to confirm before posting on ebird. We had a few Laughing Gulls arrive with Dorian and they seem similar.
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