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  1. Just checked out Golden-crowned Kinglet and I think you are bang-on pictaker. I was looking at wood warblers and not having any luck. Thank you.
  2. A group of 10 in the same spot along the coast for a week. Thick fog this morning. Thanks
  3. Want to be sure as these are the first ones I've seen. Thank you.
  4. Thank you akandula. I have reported it on ebird but I can certainly edit my sighting. The bird was stationary and making a steady flat "pit" call every 10 seconds or so. I have other images. Do you think I should change my report to read Traill's (Willow/Alder)? I respect your opinion. Thanks
  5. Nova Scotia today. Still learning. Thanks
  6. These pictures were taken this morning in Nova Scotia. I'm just starting to learn Flycatchers and am thankful for any help. There are lots of Red-eyed Vireos around but the second bird looks different. Perhaps wishful thinking.
  7. I took this photo this morning in Nova Scotia. It looks like a Flycatcher to me, but there are so many young birds around, I'm having a difficult time with identifying some birds. Also, I took a quick picture of a bird on a nest. I didn't want to disturb her so I backed away. The nest was about five feet off the ground against the stem of a small balsam fir in a thicket close to a brook at the bottom of a ravine. There was a male Winter Wren singing nearby so I thought it could be the mate. Thanks for your time.
  8. Nice. I'll read up on American Redstarts and hope to be able to identify one on my own in the future. Thank you Kevin and Phalarope713.
  9. Good morning. I took this picture this morning on top of a hardwood hill in Nova Scotia. It don't recognize this bird. Is it maybe a young bird? Thanks
  10. That's got it! I checked the All About Birds site and listened to the call of the Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. That was exactly the sound of the bird I was watching. Thanks ever so much for your direction and guidance. If I'm coming to this well too often, just say something and I'll dial'er back. Don't want to wear out my welcome.
  11. Hi folks. Thanks for your thoughts. It made a single "sclink" call about every 15 seconds and was high in the canopy of mixed forrest mostly calling from hardwood trees (birch and maple). I'm just glad it's a flycatcher.
  12. Good afternoon. I took this photo today in Nova Scotia. My best guess is a Least Flycatcher. Am I close?
  13. A big help to my learning curve Phalarope713. Thanks
  14. I've narrowed this down to a Blackburnian Warbler but I am less than confident. Can you help? Thank you. Today in Nova Scotia.
  15. Good morning from Nova Scotia. Picture from today.
  16. Also Sanderlings only have three forward facing toes.
  17. Once again, Thanks to all for your help.
  18. Hello folks. I believe the first bird is a Black-throated Green Warbler and the second is a Northern Parula. I then spotted a bird across a small lake and through my bins., thought it was a Hermit Thrush. I snapped a couple of distant pictures and it disappeared into the brush only to show itself a couple of minutes later perched about 20' farther down the shore. I snapped two more images and carried on. Now that I have downloaded today's pictures, I don't think it is a Hermit Thrush and I'm not even sure if all four images are of the same bird. I know it's not much to work with, but rather than toss the pictures and potentially miss a new ID, I thought I would send them along and see what you think. It may not be able to be identified and that's ok. Thanks from Nova Scotia.
  19. Thanks. You folks have giant brains!
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