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  1. Also Sanderlings only have three forward facing toes.
  2. Once again, Thanks to all for your help.
  3. Hello folks. I believe the first bird is a Black-throated Green Warbler and the second is a Northern Parula. I then spotted a bird across a small lake and through my bins., thought it was a Hermit Thrush. I snapped a couple of distant pictures and it disappeared into the brush only to show itself a couple of minutes later perched about 20' farther down the shore. I snapped two more images and carried on. Now that I have downloaded today's pictures, I don't think it is a Hermit Thrush and I'm not even sure if all four images are of the same bird. I know it's not much to work with, but rather than toss the pictures and potentially miss a new ID, I thought I would send them along and see what you think. It may not be able to be identified and that's ok. Thanks from Nova Scotia.
  4. Thanks. You folks have giant brains!
  5. Can you folks identify this hawk from the poor images I was able to get today? It flew away as I was trying to reposition myself. I noticed as it flew away, it had rounded wing tips and a light and dark barred tail. Also, it was larger than a Merlin. That's all I got. Thanks from Nova Scotia.
  6. White-eyed Vireo. Note the white eye, two prominent wing bars and yellow flanks.
  7. The first bird from yesterday is a Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle), but is the bird from today with the all white throat and breast and yellow flanks also a Yellow-rumped Warbler? Thanks from Nova Scotia.
  8. On my lawn in Nova Scotia just now. Thanks
  9. Agree with Connor Cochrane. Looks like a Least Flycatcher
  10. I think it is a female yellow-bellied Sapsucker.
  11. I observed this bird at a freshwater lake in Nova Scotia this morning. My guide tells me that a Greater has a bold eyering and a slightly upturned bill. It says a Lesser has a dark slender bill and yellow-orange legs. This bird seems to be a combo. I need help. When it flew away it called ``Kee-Kee-Kee``-----------``Kee-Kee-Kee`` Thanks folks.
  12. Nova Scotia this morning. I know just enough to confuse myself.
  13. Hi folks. I'm relatively new to this site but I do see Osprey all summer long, and if you close one eye and tilt your head, it sure looks like an Osprey.
  14. Yeah. I got that one. Thanks Blackburnian. What has me confused is the black wing tips.
  15. Thanks Tony. Just so you know, I have guide books and endeavor to identify these birds on my own and am making progress. The collective knowledge, and the willingness to share it on this site, is a huge assist.
  16. Low brush along the beach in Nova Scotia today. There have been Tree Sparrows reported here in the past and this bird never did get more than a foot above the ground. Thanks for your effort.
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