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  1. I see Western now. No excuses for not having had a closer look.
  2. Welcome to WhatBird Kevin266. Sanderling is correct. The lack of a hind toe is a dead giveaway.
  3. I think your ID is correct. Eastern Herring Gulls have white mirrors inside the tips of the outer two primaries and appear well balanced in flight with the head and tail projecting about equal distance from the body. I am not an expert.
  4. Perhaps a Surf Scoter should be considered. Seems the eye is centered between the white patches and it has a dark cap. Wait for the experts.
  5. I agree with Glaucous Gull. It has an oval-shaped head and a heavy, pink bill with a well-defined dark tip and relatively short wings that extend slightly past the tail. I'm no expert, so wait for more input.
  6. Looks like a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker to me. I'm no expert.
  7. Hi Charlie. The illustrations are fantastic and precise with the narrative pointing out the subtle differences between Empids. It contains lots of side-by-side comparisons, range maps, and sonograms of songs and calls as well as detailed figures of diagnostic field marks. This compact little book should go a long way toward helping me decipher these difficult birds next spring.
  8. I don't have any experience with Hammond's. I've just received a copy of North American Flycatchers by Cin-ty Lee and comparing your bird with the description and images in the book seems to be a match for Hammond's. Noting the steep forehead, long primary projection, relatively short forked tail, and dark chest. I can't wait to see the expert's comments. Great pictures!
  9. Looks like a Bay-breasted Warbler. I am not an expert.
  10. They look like Cormorants to me. Perhaps Double-crested unless you mean the birds behind the bar in which case they may be some kind of Grebe but I can't make them out.
  11. They look like Eastern Phoebe to me. Note the black bill, white throat, and yellowish tint on the lower belly. I am not an expert.
  12. Welcome to the WhatBird forum. Yellow-headed Blackbird is correct.
  13. Thanks to all for the discourse. Red-throated Loon would be the most likely as I've seen them at this site in the past but perhaps never an immature RTLO.
  14. Have your way with any of my posts and pictures at any time. Thanks for your time.
  15. Today on a saltwater marsh in Nova Scotia. Thank you.
  16. Sharpie, Coop, or slash? Nova Scotia this morning. Thanks for having a look.
  17. Black-bellied or American Golden? Nova Scotia this morning. Thanks
  18. I'd say you have a female Black-throated Blue Warbler. The white square on the wing is distinctive.
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