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  1. Thanks IKLland. Since I posted, I looked at last weeks' ebird reports for the Salt Marsh Trail hotspot where I took these photos and there were two Long-billed Dowitchers confirmed at the same spot on Dec.21st. Since there hasn't been a Short-billed in oner a month, I think they are probably continuing birds.

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  2. I see lots of both here in Nova scotia often together and size difference is a good field marker with the GRCO being larger than the DCCO.  Even without comparison that white throat and stout bill would be enough for me to ID this bird as a Great Cormorant. The rarity of GRCOs in Alabama has me doubting myself. I defer to the experts

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  3.  Comments from Jerry Friedman and Brian Rusnica prompted me to do some further research. In the publication 'Hawks From Every Angle' there is a photograph (RS02) of a juvenile Eastern Red-shouldered Hawk with the pale comma-shaped wing panels and pale mottling along the upperwing coverts identical to the poster's images. As stated, the buffy colored crescents on top of the primaries have convinced me that this is a Red-shouldered. I learn so much here.

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