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  1. I took a bunch of pictures this morning on a beach in Nova Scotia. I'm having trouble with the middle gull in this picture. I've tried my best but can't nail it down. Pink legs, yellow eye, black primaries, red spot on the bill but seems much smaller than the Herring Gull in the rear. I keep going round in circles so please put this to rest for me.  Thanks. ( I think I see another bird between the gulls)


  2. Looks good for a Laughing Gull. Note: Horizonal profile and black wing tips that are acutely pointed and extend well beyond the the tail. My reference material says "The dark hood is replaced by mostly white head with a dark ear patch and scattered dark markings on the crown in the winter." (Gulls Simplified). I am not an expert.

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  3. @Bobby D I'm having second thoughts after looking at these photos again. Lesser Yellowlegs have shorter and darker bills. At first glance #3 seems to fit the bill (no pun intended) but it may be angled away from the camera making it seem shorter. Also, I think I can see the bill is slightly upturned,and the body is quite angular, leaning towards Greater so please wait for more experienced birders to comment.

  4. I'm just learning gulls, so I'll take a stab at it. The larger gulls look like Herring gulls to me and the smaller gulls with the yellow legs may be Ring-billed Gulls. The darker one in question may be an immature (second winter) Herring Gull) I could be wrong on all counts so, wait for another opinion.

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