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  1. I took this photo this morning in Nova Scotia. It looks like a Flycatcher to me, but there are so many young birds around, I'm having a difficult time with identifying some birds. Also, I took a quick picture of a bird on a nest. I didn't want to disturb her so I backed away. The nest was about five feet off the ground against the stem of a small balsam fir in a thicket close to a brook at the bottom of a ravine. There was a male Winter Wren singing nearby so I thought it could be the mate. Thanks for your time.




  2. Hello folks. I believe the first bird is a Black-throated Green Warbler and the second is a Northern Parula. I then spotted a bird across a small lake and through my bins., thought it was a Hermit Thrush. I snapped a couple of distant pictures and it disappeared into the brush only to show itself a couple of minutes later perched about 20' farther down the shore. I snapped two more images and carried on. Now that I have downloaded today's pictures, I don't think it is a Hermit Thrush and I'm not even sure if all four images are of the same bird. I know it's not much to work with, but rather than toss the pictures and potentially miss a new ID, I thought I would send them along and see what you think. It may not be able to be identified and that's ok.  Thanks from Nova Scotia.







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