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  1. Let us welcome you to the Whatbird Community Sam.
  2. I believe the second bird is a young subadult Lesser Black-backed Gull. My research has shown that it may be transitioning from the second summer to the third winter. Smallish,rounded head; slender straight bill; and long wings of this bird helps to separate it from similarly plumaged Great Black-backed Gulls. The white head and upper breast with moderate streaking are not uncommon in this species at this age in late summer. Birds of this age often show pink legs, but some could have yellow legs as well. I am no expert and give credit to "Gulls Simplified" by Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson for my comments.
  3. Yeah. I saw that too. I just can't find anything else given the giss and posture.
  4. I'm in the Bay-breasted camp.Some Light streaking on the back, buffy wash on flanks and under tail. Also I think we would detect a little orange on the legs and feet on some of the images if it was a Blackpoll.
  5. Looks like an Acadian Flycatcher to me.
  6. @Jim HighbergerSuperb photos! I agree with Lesser Black-backed for the subject bird.
  7. I'm leaning Common over Forster's. It looks to have a darker grey upperwing, a dark wedge on the primaries and I think I can see dark outer webs on the tail. Wait for more experienced input.
  8. I can't find any images of a Bailtimore Oriole with that chestnut color, so, it may be an Orchard. We'll both wait for the experts to figure it out.
  9. I see what you mean about the general color but the male Orchard Oriole should have a black tail so my vote is for Baltimore.
  10. Agree with lonestranger- female Western Tanager-
  11. Agree with hbvol50. First bird a female Blue Grosbeak. I like Forster's Tern for bird #2. Common Tern would have a more reddish bill and dark outer webs on the tail. I am not an expert.
  12. Welcome to WhatBird. My best guess is a Brown-headed Blackbird, but wait for the experts, they'll nail it down for you.
  13. Could be a female Orchard Oriole.
  14. Red-tailed Hawk. A good reference guide can be found at "THE FEATHER ATLAS"
  15. I like the ID by Peromyscus. Mallards. They do seem to have large bills.
  16. Looks like a Dusty Grouse chick and its mom.
  17. Leaning towards Green-winged Teal. I'm not an expert.
  18. Halifax, Nova Scotia today. Tennessee Warbler would be a first for me so, can you guys confirm? Thanks.
  19. Looks good for a California Gull to me. My points of reference are--- black and red spots near the tip of the bill, dusky brownish-yellow eye, what looks like dark gray wings and the obvious down-turned gape. I'm only going by my reference guides so wait for a more experienced birder.
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