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  1. Is this an Ipswich Savannah Sparrow? Nova Scotia this Morning. Thanks for having a look.
  2. I have just one blurry picture of this woodpecker in Nova Scotia this morning. Looked to be about the size of a Hairy Woodpecker. My guess is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker but I am unsure. Thanks
  3. I agree with your ID. Young Broad-winged Hawk. Markers are pale underparts with tear-shaped brown spots-- short, yellow feet--upper parts brown with white flecking--indistinct mustache--wingtips just short of the tail tip. I could be full of malarkey, so wait for an expert.
  4. Pine Warbler. Markers- Contrasting yellow/green front and gray/white rear- relatively large bill- tail appears notched- diffused streaking on the upper breast. Only a guess to open the bidding.
  5. Also, skinny legs and square-tip tail. I agree with @Snake Fingers. Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  6. Rusty cap, gray underparts, dark eyeline through the eye, and hangin' out on a lawn. I'd say, Chipping Sparrow.
  7. White vent, dark undertail, maybe an eyering in photo #1. Could be a Nashville but the fine streaks on the throat seem wrong. Just a guess.
  8. The nictitating eyelid in the first photo doesn't look fully closed, perhaps allowing in a little more reflective light resulting in a clearer eye image. Just a guess.
  9. Lincoln's. The fine streaking and yellow wash on the throat do it for me.
  10. my favorite tip is that the split white eye-ring is incomplete at the top and bottom of the eye.
  11. The sloping forehead and the white patches on the wings would suggest a Common Goldeneye. Wait for an expert.
  12. Kinda looks like a flycatcher to me. Maybe an Eastern Phoebe? (in my opinion) I am not an expert.
  13. Looks like a Loggerhead to me with the big head, large bill, and lack of any fine barring on the chest. I am not an expert.
  14. Thanks for your help. As Colton V pointed out, the Junco is most likely a female Slate-colored. It's just that I see many Juncos all year long and this one being so brown just stood out.
  15. On the Salt Marsh Trail in Halifax, Nova Scotia this morning. Could be a female Red-winged Blackbird but I thought I should ask you folks to have a look. Also I saw a very brown Dark-eyed Junco that stood out from the others. Thanks
  16. Thanks IKLland. Since I posted, I looked at last weeks' ebird reports for the Salt Marsh Trail hotspot where I took these photos and there were two Long-billed Dowitchers confirmed at the same spot on Dec.21st. Since there hasn't been a Short-billed in oner a month, I think they are probably continuing birds.
  17. Blurry pictures taken at sunset this evening in Nova Scotia at a tidal marsh. Very sketchy yellow light. Long or Short-billed would be a new bird for me. Thanks for looking.
  18. Thanks folks. It's causing quite a stir. Posting photos is so important because, You never know!!!
  19. This morning in Nova Scotia. Most likely Hudsonian but I have no experience with this bird. Thanks
  20. I see lots of both here in Nova scotia often together and size difference is a good field marker with the GRCO being larger than the DCCO. Even without comparison that white throat and stout bill would be enough for me to ID this bird as a Great Cormorant. The rarity of GRCOs in Alabama has me doubting myself. I defer to the experts
  21. I wouldn't expect to see a woodpecker on a roof, but a male Williamson's Sapsucker has a mostly black back and white stripes on it's face.
  22. My guesses : Sabine's Gull, Common Tern, Sanderlings, Piping Plover, Black Bellied Plover.
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