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  1. Thanks for the discussion folks. I considered blackpoll but didn't want to report without confidence. There are both Blackpolls and Bay-breasted being reported locally. The little nuances I learn from you folks make me a better birder and I will try to help other novists whenever possible.

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  2. Mornin'. I was out birding yesterday afternoon in Nova Scotia and was lucky enough to be on the top of a hardwood hill when a flock of mixed warblers moved through the upper canopy. I snapped as many pictures (mostly bad) as I could and have been working on IDs. I'm cross-eyed from looking through my guides and could use a little help to point me in the right direction. For context I've identified Northern Parula,Nashville,Magnolia, Black-throated Green and Blue Warblers. Thanks for having a look.





  3. I believe the second bird is a young subadult Lesser Black-backed Gull. My research has shown that it may be transitioning from the second summer to the third winter. Smallish,rounded head; slender straight bill; and long wings of this bird helps to separate it from similarly plumaged Great Black-backed Gulls. The white head and upper breast with moderate streaking are not uncommon in this species at this age in late summer. Birds of this age often show pink legs, but some could have yellow legs as well. I am no expert and give credit to "Gulls Simplified" by Pete Dunne and Kevin T. Karlson for my comments.

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