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  1. Welcome to WhatBird. My best guess is a Brown-headed Blackbird, but wait for the experts, they'll nail it down for you.
  2. Red-tailed Hawk. A good reference guide can be found at "THE FEATHER ATLAS"
  3. I like the ID by Peromyscus. Mallards. They do seem to have large bills.
  4. Looks like a Dusty Grouse chick and its mom.
  5. Leaning towards Green-winged Teal. I'm not an expert.
  6. Halifax, Nova Scotia today. Tennessee Warbler would be a first for me so, can you guys confirm? Thanks.
  7. Looks good for a California Gull to me. My points of reference are--- black and red spots near the tip of the bill, dusky brownish-yellow eye, what looks like dark gray wings and the obvious down-turned gape. I'm only going by my reference guides so wait for a more experienced birder.
  8. Agree with House Finch with the generally blurrier streaking. A good ID trait for finches and sparrows vs. thrush is the conical bill.
  9. I agree with Willow and great picture.
  10. You could try a House Finch or Cassin's Finch.
  11. Gray Catbirds are known to construct their nests near or on the ground and their eggs are blue-green and glossy.
  12. I agree with Birding Boy. Northern Pintail.
  13. Sorry for the double post. I was trying to edit my ID as the black legs are wrong, but I guess I was too late.
  14. My vote is for Hammond's as well. Very steep forehead, gray throat and chest, no wing panel contrast.
  15. Seems to match the description for a Willow. Shallow forehead, peaked crown, indistinct eye-ring, medium bill with orange lower mandible, dull wingbars and short fat tail. I'm not an expert. (Also, Alder would seem to be rare at this location.)
  16. IMO The rounded tip on the tail, the moderately streaked body and large head projecting in front of the wings suggests a juvenile Cooper's Hawk.
  17. I think an Acadian would have a longer bill and longer primary extention. It's a tough one. Maybe a Yellow-bellied.
  18. This Woodcock is just fine. I don't know why they occasionally bob along like this. Maybe it has a funky song playing in it's head.
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