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  1. Took a couple of bad pictures of this bird in the fog this morning at a seaside beach in Nova Scotia. I first thought it was a Kinglet but once on a larger screen, I have my doubts. It was smaller than the American Goldfinch that it was parked beside and has two prominent wing bars and a fairly strong eyering. Can anyone help?..........Thanks



    IMG_0615 (2).JPG

    IMG_0617 (2).JPG

  2. Photos taken in Nova Scotia this morning. I'm trying to ID this flycatcher by using the excellent powerpoint presentation on Empid Identification by Cin-Ty Lee that was referenced by Tony L. some time ago. I've noted the following--- shallow forehead angle--peaked crown--indistinct eyering--small bill--orange lower mandible--relatively strong wing panel contrast--medium to long primary extension. The bird was silent. There you have it, and I still don't have an ID.  My best guesses are, Eastern Wood-Pewee or Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. I need more eyes on experience. Can you please help.  Thanks





  3. Nova Scotia this morning. There are lots of Hermit Thrush and a few Swainson's Thrush in my stompin' grounds and I see them daily. This bird was perched over a swamp and was picking bugs from the water. I was able to grab a couple of poor shots, and upon review, it just looks a little different. The spotting on the throat and breast seem to stop abruptly and the eyering seems broken. I was not able to get a look at the tail. Before I dismiss it as a Hermit, could you folks have a quick look.  Thanks so much.




  4. I was hiking around an inland lake in Nova Scotia today and spotted what I thought were five Greater Yellowlegs way offshore on a marshy island. I took a couple of doc. shots and upon review, picture #3 looks different. It is probably just distortion from the extreme zoom but looks chunkier and seems to have a light coloured bill. Can you folks please have a quick look.  Thanks




  5. I tried to identify this bird on my own for ten minutes using my guides and came up blank without a clear picture of the head. Once guided to Vesper by Hasan and Tony, my guide pointed out the white outer tail feathers which can be seen in both pictures.  I learn so much from this site.

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