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  1. Reported to eBird. I am in Halifax, about 175 miles from Briar Island. Thank you everyone.
  2. Saw this bird on the coast of Nova Scotia this morning. I've not seen this bird before. My research has me looking at Northern Wheatear. Can it be?.......Thanks
  3. Far off the Nova Scotia coastline this morning. These distant and blurry pictures of a bird of prey are all I have. Can identification be made with simply a silhouette? Thanks for trying.
  4. Thanks @AlexHenryand @Peromyscus. My bad on the 4 letter name. S/B- SESA
  5. I was cleaning up my sd card and came across these pictures from Sept. 4th last week of SEDAs. This one may be a Baird's. Would yuo have a look? I think they are of the same bird. Thank you. (Nova Scotia)
  6. Cape May it is then. Thanks @Quiscalus quiscula
  7. Nova Scotia this morning. First I thought it was a Cape May, then a Blackburnian and then a Blackpoll. I need help.......Thanks
  8. I agree that the first two birds are Pectoral Sandpipers, noting the rust-edged,dark centered back feathers and the heavily streaked breast and white belly. They may be juveniles as their medium length slightly de-curved stocky bills don't seem to have an orange base. I'll pass on the peeps. I'm no expert.
  9. Agree with Ring-billed, noting yellow legs and prominent dark ring completely around the bill. Only missing the french fry. Also agree with Marbled Godwit for bird#2. I am not an expert.
  10. Looks good for a Juvenile (fall) noting the black-centered back feathers with buff edges along with the size comparison against the Killdeer. I am not an expert.
  11. This morning in Nova Scotia. I don't see many Red-winged Blackbirds. Is the yellow wash on the head normal? Thanks.
  12. Bang on folks! Thanks so much for the direction. There is picture on page 241 of the Warbler Guide of a one year old fall female that is the spittin' image of this bird. Don't think I'd have gotten there without your help.
  13. Took a couple of bad pictures of this bird in the fog this morning at a seaside beach in Nova Scotia. I first thought it was a Kinglet but once on a larger screen, I have my doubts. It was smaller than the American Goldfinch that it was parked beside and has two prominent wing bars and a fairly strong eyering. Can anyone help?..........Thanks
  14. Yeah Seanbirds, it is a coinflip for me, so I hope to get confirmation from an expert. Thanks
  15. Coast of Nova Scotia this morning. I believe this to be a Common Tern. It is a first, so I'd like to be sure. Thanks
  16. Welcome to the Whatbird Community Engineer91.
  17. #1 & #2 are of the same bird and #3 was about a mile away in thick mixed forest along an old wood road. Hoping for a Great Crested Flycatcher. This would be a new bird for me, so I'd like to be sure......Thanks (Oh, Nova Scotia this morning.)
  18. Thank you @Hasan and @Tony Leukering. You folks are such a help !
  19. Photos taken in Nova Scotia this morning. I'm trying to ID this flycatcher by using the excellent powerpoint presentation on Empid Identification by Cin-Ty Lee that was referenced by Tony L. some time ago. I've noted the following--- shallow forehead angle--peaked crown--indistinct eyering--small bill--orange lower mandible--relatively strong wing panel contrast--medium to long primary extension. The bird was silent. There you have it, and I still don't have an ID. My best guesses are, Eastern Wood-Pewee or Yellow-bellied Flycatcher. I need more eyes on experience. Can you please help. Thanks
  20. Nova Scotia this morning. There are lots of Hermit Thrush and a few Swainson's Thrush in my stompin' grounds and I see them daily. This bird was perched over a swamp and was picking bugs from the water. I was able to grab a couple of poor shots, and upon review, it just looks a little different. The spotting on the throat and breast seem to stop abruptly and the eyering seems broken. I was not able to get a look at the tail. Before I dismiss it as a Hermit, could you folks have a quick look. Thanks so much.
  21. The short,straight bill with blunt tip and the lightly streaked breast has me leaning towards Semipalmated Sandpiper but wait for an expert.
  22. Maybe Dark-eyed Juncos? Welcome to Whatbird.
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