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  1. Hi everyone, thank you for all your input and info. I usually observe, snap a few photos and play the ID game later with my books and the internet. I'm still learning to ID birds by sound, so I thought the app would be useful for that too. Happy birding!
  2. Hi Charlie. Thank you for the link. What is the best and most user friendly bird app. (preferably one that doesn't want access to all my personal data)? Thanks.
  3. Good morning, thank you for the info. I will find more details on this duck. Happy weekend.
  4. Hi. In my search to identify this duck - see photo- I found this forum. 😊 We saw only two of these ducks in a salt water marsh in Longue Rive, Quebec last week. They seemed fairly big for ducks and my birding friend thought it was from the geese family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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