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  1. 12/12/2021.....10:30.....Cumming, Ga (Matt Community Park - ebird hotspot) black/white spots (hard to see in my pics) on back (mantle?) longer bill than what a Sedge wren would have
  2. 11/06/2021.....10:50.....Dawsonville, Ga 2 reasonably clear calls starting at 7 seconds in (and 1 faint at the end) Merlin says this is an American Crow...I've gone thru a few dozen sounds in the McCauley Library...and can't match it...I cannot match the sonogram either Note, the sound is quite loud (as are many crow calls)...it sounds like a loud alarm!! 2021-11-06 1050.wav
  3. Kevin, howdy...I appreciate the comments - this is actually kind of neat. I considered a Clay-colored sparrow but it was way out of range...I thought it might end up being a slightly off-colored song sparrow. And yes, I have posted it to eBird...thanks!!
  4. 10/01/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga not sure what kind of sparrow. the bird is far away so too big for chipping sparrow 2 of the pics are over-exposed - my bad it was by itself and simply walked in the grass near the shoreline of a small shallow pond doesn't seem dark enough for song sparrow (although this may be the winner) just going thru doc - it seems to look like a Lark Sparrow.....but.....I went thru ebird for this hotspot - not sure if a Lark Sparrow has ever been ID'ed here
  5. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga last one from this morning's trip that I want to verify yellow undercarriage...gray on top of head...notable eyering...prominent wingbars I thought it might have been a juvenile Northern Parula until I noticed a hint of streaking on side of chest I'm now thinking juvenile Magnolia warbler - Fall plumage
  6. 09/26/2021.....09:30.....Dawsonville, Ga going thru photos from this morning, I also found this... I believe it is a Chestnut-sided Warbler (female/juvenile) in Fall plumage...
  7. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga...nice cool morning my 1st guess is Blue-wing Teals (there is about 20 of them together - very shallow pond) my first thought is they are all female although maybe some are actually eclipse males
  8. 09/12/2021....Dawsonville, GA.....morning I think its LEYE...legs are muddy, but I thnk I see some yellow...solitary sandpiper (which I've seen at this same location previously) has a much more prominent eyering (& green legs). The bill does not appear to be upturned (eliminating greater?)
  9. 05/21/2021....Dawsonville, GA....morning several (what I thought were Phoebes) flitting around a fence. Note - they were not particular vocal. I originally wrote them off as juvenile phoebes (pic attached is the only good one). I was looking for longer primary projection (pewee) but I'm not confident I could discern (with certainty) the tail from the primaries in this pic.
  10. 11/15/2020....mid-morning....Duluth, GA (North and East of Atlanta)
  11. 11/15/2020.....Mid-morning (very overcast).....Duluth, Georgia (just North and East of Atlanta). It looks like a vesper - distinct eye ring & white outer tail feathers. And it does appear to have the chestnut shoulder patch. Nevertheless, its seems a bit buffier in color than others I've seen. The picture is so-so at best. It was very overcast as well.
  12. ok...I'm new to sparrows outside of my backyard so I've started categorizing my sparrow pics ( I have separate groups of pics for Song, Field, Savannah, & Swamp)...the first 3 pics attached I have categorized as a Swamp sparrow (all 3 are same bird)...although the colors appear a bit more muted than 4th pic (lucky camera shot taken previous week, same location) I just want to make sure I haven't mis-ID'ed them all pics are from Rogers Bridge Road (eBird hotspot) a few miles east of Alpharetta, GA (1st 3 pics are from Oct 24, 2020)....(last pic Oct 16, 2020)
  13. 2020/10/24...morning...Duluth, GA (just North & East of Atlanta)
  14. 2020/10/16...mid-morning...Duluth, GA area (just north of Atlanta) ok...I've been staring at this for some time - I've maybe narrowed it to 3 or 4 warblers starting with Yellow-rumped & Cape May distinctive auricular / not-so distinctive supecilium / undercarriage of yellow & white with some streaking / neither lighting nor angle is great (i.e. not-so-great photos)
  15. 2020/10/16...morning...Duluth, GA (just North & East of Atlanta)
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