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  1. 09/05/2022......17:00......Cherokee County, Georgia ebird hotspot - Hollis Q. Lanthem Reservoir Small-ish tern flying back and forth over small lake White - no discernable deviation from white except for black patch on head - I saw no darkening on primaries, leading edge, or top of wings (maybe a bit more gray on top of wings) orange-ish bill - difficult to see darkening at tip Not many terns (white, black cap, & orange bill) ID'ed in this area...both Common & Forster's ID'ed occasionally at Lake Lanier (not that far away from this site) Apologies for the pics - tern seemed smaller, not real close, and very overcast (lots of rain here this week)
  2. 2022-04-09.....07:17.....Dawsonville, GA Dawson Forest (Atlanta Tract) sonogram occurs 4 times or so but best sound is picked up at 34 seconds...then again at 43 seconds.... 2022-04-09 0717.wav
  3. 2022/04/05....19:45....Cumming, GA....significant rain all day stopping late afternoon. at Eagle's Beak Park, yesterday evening (just before dark) I saw 3 sandpipers. One was by itself (pic DSC_2663_SOSA03). This has a distinct eyering & legs are 'darker' - I'm thinking 'solitary sandpiper' About 200 yards away in separate area of standing water were 2 others foraging together (pics *LEYE04, *LEYE05, & *LEYE06). First assumption was 2 more solitaries...but after looking at them more closely, I noticed very yellow legs and the eyering not as distinct. Are these 2 Lesser Yellowlegs (the bill is straight) ?
  4. yep...I don't think I noticed it (sound) at the time...I was chasing a yellow-rumped warbler...then I listened and stared at the sonagram after I got home...I know the field sparrow rises in pitch...but I don't think I ever looked at the field sparrow's sonagram before...the 2 distinct parts threw me....I knew I heard it before!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!
  5. 2022-04-03....08:43.....Cumming, Georgia I've attached the sonagram...I'm pretty sure I've heard it before...but I'm getting old... it is the 2-part song starting around 7 seconds I've been staring at sonagrams in my warbler book and on Cornell site 2022-04-03 0843.wav
  6. 03/27/2022......08:30......Cumming, Georgia bright morning but cold (upper 30's) ebird hotspot....Eagle's Beak Park, Forsyth county, GA first thought was lesser yellowlegs but field guides kept referring to 'solid color dark beak'....this beak doesn't seem to fit...eye ring not distinctive enough for 'solitary'...doesn't look 'spotted' it is a very large field (formerly an RC flying field)....there were a dozen or so hanging out near parking area in some standing water due to recent heavy rains
  7. 12/12/2021.....10:30.....Cumming, Ga (Matt Community Park - ebird hotspot) black/white spots (hard to see in my pics) on back (mantle?) longer bill than what a Sedge wren would have
  8. 11/06/2021.....10:50.....Dawsonville, Ga 2 reasonably clear calls starting at 7 seconds in (and 1 faint at the end) Merlin says this is an American Crow...I've gone thru a few dozen sounds in the McCauley Library...and can't match it...I cannot match the sonogram either Note, the sound is quite loud (as are many crow calls)...it sounds like a loud alarm!! 2021-11-06 1050.wav
  9. Kevin, howdy...I appreciate the comments - this is actually kind of neat. I considered a Clay-colored sparrow but it was way out of range...I thought it might end up being a slightly off-colored song sparrow. And yes, I have posted it to eBird...thanks!!
  10. 10/01/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga not sure what kind of sparrow. the bird is far away so too big for chipping sparrow 2 of the pics are over-exposed - my bad it was by itself and simply walked in the grass near the shoreline of a small shallow pond doesn't seem dark enough for song sparrow (although this may be the winner) just going thru doc - it seems to look like a Lark Sparrow.....but.....I went thru ebird for this hotspot - not sure if a Lark Sparrow has ever been ID'ed here
  11. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga last one from this morning's trip that I want to verify yellow undercarriage...gray on top of head...notable eyering...prominent wingbars I thought it might have been a juvenile Northern Parula until I noticed a hint of streaking on side of chest I'm now thinking juvenile Magnolia warbler - Fall plumage
  12. 09/26/2021.....09:30.....Dawsonville, Ga going thru photos from this morning, I also found this... I believe it is a Chestnut-sided Warbler (female/juvenile) in Fall plumage...
  13. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga...nice cool morning my 1st guess is Blue-wing Teals (there is about 20 of them together - very shallow pond) my first thought is they are all female although maybe some are actually eclipse males
  14. 09/12/2021....Dawsonville, GA.....morning I think its LEYE...legs are muddy, but I thnk I see some yellow...solitary sandpiper (which I've seen at this same location previously) has a much more prominent eyering (& green legs). The bill does not appear to be upturned (eliminating greater?)
  15. 05/21/2021....Dawsonville, GA....morning several (what I thought were Phoebes) flitting around a fence. Note - they were not particular vocal. I originally wrote them off as juvenile phoebes (pic attached is the only good one). I was looking for longer primary projection (pewee) but I'm not confident I could discern (with certainty) the tail from the primaries in this pic.
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