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  1. yep...I see the white patch under the tail on the Tennessee warbler (but not on philadelphia vireo) thanks!!
  2. 2020/09/20....morning....North Georgia....Forsyth county....Matt Community Park (county park) This one is tougher - pics are not very good
  3. 2020/09/20....morning....North Georgia....Forsyth County....Matt Community Park (county park)
  4. Today (12/07/2019) in North Georgia backyard - good picture (I got lucky) of a hawk landing on my privacy fence in backyard. I think I see characteristics of both Cooper's and Sharp-shinned hawks. I've attached a pic
  5. Thanks!! I had spent a couple of additional mornings watching (and listening to) it. I figured it was more likely a Carolina - I knew I was well east of the typical range of the Bewick's. Furthermore, I never did hear the Bewick's distinctive song (similar to the Song Sparrow) from this wren.
  6. Howdy, I was birding early July in North Georgia (Dawsonville Forest). I came across what appears to be a wren. The Carolina Wren is common here but the undercarriage lacks the noticeable reddish-brown color - I have several pictures (posted 2 of them) and the undercarriage is mainly white (Bewick's ???). thanks!
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