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  1. Kevin, howdy...I appreciate the comments - this is actually kind of neat. I considered a Clay-colored sparrow but it was way out of range...I thought it might end up being a slightly off-colored song sparrow. And yes, I have posted it to eBird...thanks!!
  2. 10/01/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga not sure what kind of sparrow. the bird is far away so too big for chipping sparrow 2 of the pics are over-exposed - my bad it was by itself and simply walked in the grass near the shoreline of a small shallow pond doesn't seem dark enough for song sparrow (although this may be the winner) just going thru doc - it seems to look like a Lark Sparrow.....but.....I went thru ebird for this hotspot - not sure if a Lark Sparrow has ever been ID'ed here
  3. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga last one from this morning's trip that I want to verify yellow undercarriage...gray on top of head...notable eyering...prominent wingbars I thought it might have been a juvenile Northern Parula until I noticed a hint of streaking on side of chest I'm now thinking juvenile Magnolia warbler - Fall plumage
  4. 09/26/2021.....09:30.....Dawsonville, Ga going thru photos from this morning, I also found this... I believe it is a Chestnut-sided Warbler (female/juvenile) in Fall plumage...
  5. 09/26/2021.....08:30.....Dawsonville, Ga...nice cool morning my 1st guess is Blue-wing Teals (there is about 20 of them together - very shallow pond) my first thought is they are all female although maybe some are actually eclipse males
  6. 09/12/2021....Dawsonville, GA.....morning I think its LEYE...legs are muddy, but I thnk I see some yellow...solitary sandpiper (which I've seen at this same location previously) has a much more prominent eyering (& green legs). The bill does not appear to be upturned (eliminating greater?)
  7. 05/21/2021....Dawsonville, GA....morning several (what I thought were Phoebes) flitting around a fence. Note - they were not particular vocal. I originally wrote them off as juvenile phoebes (pic attached is the only good one). I was looking for longer primary projection (pewee) but I'm not confident I could discern (with certainty) the tail from the primaries in this pic.
  8. 11/15/2020....mid-morning....Duluth, GA (North and East of Atlanta)
  9. 11/15/2020.....Mid-morning (very overcast).....Duluth, Georgia (just North and East of Atlanta). It looks like a vesper - distinct eye ring & white outer tail feathers. And it does appear to have the chestnut shoulder patch. Nevertheless, its seems a bit buffier in color than others I've seen. The picture is so-so at best. It was very overcast as well.
  10. ok...I'm new to sparrows outside of my backyard so I've started categorizing my sparrow pics ( I have separate groups of pics for Song, Field, Savannah, & Swamp)...the first 3 pics attached I have categorized as a Swamp sparrow (all 3 are same bird)...although the colors appear a bit more muted than 4th pic (lucky camera shot taken previous week, same location) I just want to make sure I haven't mis-ID'ed them all pics are from Rogers Bridge Road (eBird hotspot) a few miles east of Alpharetta, GA (1st 3 pics are from Oct 24, 2020)....(last pic Oct 16, 2020)
  11. 2020/10/24...morning...Duluth, GA (just North & East of Atlanta)
  12. 2020/10/16...mid-morning...Duluth, GA area (just north of Atlanta) ok...I've been staring at this for some time - I've maybe narrowed it to 3 or 4 warblers starting with Yellow-rumped & Cape May distinctive auricular / not-so distinctive supecilium / undercarriage of yellow & white with some streaking / neither lighting nor angle is great (i.e. not-so-great photos)
  13. 2020/10/16...morning...Duluth, GA (just North & East of Atlanta)
  14. the ebird reviewer asked me to change it to Traill's - he suggested I needed a sound recording to nail it as an Acadian...I believe I may have messed this up myself by not noting Benjamin's comment about the long primary projection...something I've paid more attention to now that I'm asking about (Alder vs Willow) from this morning - it's primary projection is noticeably shorter than the Acadian's from the previous week.
  15. 2020/10/03...morning...Matt Community Park...Forsyth County, GA (north-central GA) 2 pics of same bird...2nd pic provides a additional view of its primary projection it didn't really make any sound while I was watching
  16. 2020/10/03...morning...Matt Community Park...Forsyth County, GA (north central part of state) 3 pics
  17. white eye-ring, yellowish head with white underparts - and 2 rather distinct wingbars 2020/09/27 @09:22 eastern - Matt Community Park...Forsyth County Park (Georgia)
  18. yep...I see the white patch under the tail on the Tennessee warbler (but not on philadelphia vireo) thanks!!
  19. 2020/09/20....morning....North Georgia....Forsyth county....Matt Community Park (county park) This one is tougher - pics are not very good
  20. 2020/09/20....morning....North Georgia....Forsyth County....Matt Community Park (county park)
  21. Today (12/07/2019) in North Georgia backyard - good picture (I got lucky) of a hawk landing on my privacy fence in backyard. I think I see characteristics of both Cooper's and Sharp-shinned hawks. I've attached a pic
  22. Thanks!! I had spent a couple of additional mornings watching (and listening to) it. I figured it was more likely a Carolina - I knew I was well east of the typical range of the Bewick's. Furthermore, I never did hear the Bewick's distinctive song (similar to the Song Sparrow) from this wren.
  23. Howdy, I was birding early July in North Georgia (Dawsonville Forest). I came across what appears to be a wren. The Carolina Wren is common here but the undercarriage lacks the noticeable reddish-brown color - I have several pictures (posted 2 of them) and the undercarriage is mainly white (Bewick's ???). thanks!
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