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  1. Thanks, all! Black vulture makes sense, and in discussing it with my wife (who saw the bird and snapped the picture), she seems to recall a featherless head, which would pretty much clinch it. Turkey vultures are fairly common around here, but like RobinHood, I'm puzzled by the location for a black. iBird shows the distribution far south of Michigan, though https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black_Vulture/id says " Black Vultures have substantially increased their range northward in recent decades." Has anyone else seen them this far north?
  2. We saw this bird in Ann Arbor, MI yesterday (24 September). Shortly after the picure was taken, it spread very wide wings and flew to the top of a nearby tree, so it is not as flightless as its appearance would lead one to suspect. Can anyone tell us what it is?
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