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  1. Northeastern Illinois, at a municipal reservoir known for migrating shorebirds 10 Sep 2021
  2. There was no reddish at all on this bird. Outer tail feathers seem to be white.
  3. Northeastern Illinois, 13 Sept 2020. Digiscoped, cellphone/spotting scope. No foliage anywhere near the bird to affect coloration.
  4. Audio, recorded in Pima County, Arizona (De Anza Trail near Tubac). We could not locate the bird in dense shrubbery and trees. The bird pips about every 3 seconds. Audio recording 26 seconds in length, on Clyp.It: https://clyp.it/0ccelkxu?token=086dc0abe7d726932769e00e84c254af
  5. Thanks much all! This has been a very informative discussion.
  6. What are the implications of the lack of a white chin strap? Here's another image, with the exposure increased in post processing.
  7. Is the markedly smaller of these geese a small Canada Goose or is it a Cackling Goose? I estimate the wingspan to be about 3/4 that of the larger geese in the flock. Northeastern Illinois, September 22, 2018. Bird on left: Bird on top: Bird in middle:
  8. Seemed to be larger than the nearby Least Sandpiper. Today, northeastern Illinois. Didn't seem streaky enough to be a Pectoral Sandpiper.
  9. When I access the forum this morning using Firefox, I encounter this error message:
  10. At the north end of San Pablo Bay, CA on July 28, 2018. Herring Gull or Western Gull or ??? Which cycle?
  11. That's an argument for not allowing editing beyond 5 minutes, along the order of: "Get it right the first time or don't post at all!" IMHO a user-friendly forum would allow editing indefinitely, especially since users here cannot delete their comments. Say I start a thread and get distracted by a phone call, family member, dinner, etc. and I don't get back to the forum for 60 minutes later, after the edit timeout window has expired! Sorry, no edit! If someone is on a birding excursion and posts a query from the field, returning to a full-sized computer a few days later, he's out of luck. And it's not just typos, maybe there is additional info (text, images) to be posted that should appear in the first post. Consider that Facebook groups (including those for bird ID) allow unlimited edit time, so WhatBird needs to consider the features of their competition. Users gravitate to the easiest groups to use.
  12. And each of your edits added something to the quality of the post. I too see no real reason to cap the time limit to edit. If I make a tpyo that might be emburrassing, I'd like to be able to figs it even if I dont' get Intuit right a-weigh 😄 expecially sense so mini people tpye on small keyboards like sellphones those on.
  13. In this case I felt I couldn't assess the darkness of the head. The feathers on the forehead and cheek appear light, so I figured the apparent dark behind the eye was due to lighting. It was hard to discount the bi-color bill and not also discount the slightly darker part of the head.
  14. Forgive the suggestion, but I have the impression that there is a setting that controls how much time is available to edit comments. I just searched an Invision support forum and stumbled across this. I don't know if it applies to the situation of users not being able to edit comments after a far too brief interval, but it appears that Invision may have a simple solution. I'd prefer an unlimited time, which seems to be an option.
  15. Thanks! Are wing length and lack of wing bars the key ID points?
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