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  1. I saw these today in St Louis County (Simpson Park), Mo. First time seeing these. I think they are scaups and am guessing lesser. Am I correct? Thanks DR
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Saw this one while walking the dog this afternoon. There were several around this small pond just off of the Meramec River in St. Louis County, MO. I thought they were goldfinches until I saw them on the computer screen. Using the search function of whatbird, my best guess is prothonotary warbler. Never heard of them before. Thanks for helping. David
  4. Taken Feb.23, 2021 outside of St. Louis, MO. I saw this hawk fly low over a bicycle rider's head. Good sized but didn't get a shot off. Would have been neat to get the rider and bird in the same frame. Anyway it quickly came back and perched by the path for a bit and then flew off. My first thought was RSH. Then looking at the pics on the computer I decided it was a juvenile. I briefly thought of smaller hawks but looking at the 2 blurry pictures of it in flight it looks like it has patagials but no belly band. So I am now guessing juvenile red tail hawk. Thanks David R
  5. I was organizing my pictures and found these. I didn't remember that I got any pictures of this. A couple weeks after I saw this someone told me they had seen orioles in the same trees at that time. The tree is in a wooded park area a few yards from a lake if that matters. This is from mid May 2020 in the St. Louis, MO area. Baltimore Oriole?
  6. I saw this one today while kayaking in the St. Louis MO area. IBird and google image search didn't help. It was by itself. Thanks David IMG_1088tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr
  7. Saw this bird today while kayaking in the St. Louis, MO area. I am thinking juvenile red shouldered hawk. I am not used to seeing them on water though. Sorry for the low quality. I use an old camera and lens while on the water and the weather was completely overcast with mist and sprinkles before I left. IMG_0974tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr IMG_0978tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr Thanks, David
  8. I have three questionables here. First Feb. 16, 2019 at Simpson Park, St. Louis County. I think it is a ring neck duck but they aren't supposed to be in this area. IMG_8900tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr The second is a western grebe, maybe but they also aren't supposed to be here. 3/1/19 George Winter Park, St. Louis County IMG_9071tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr I take these pictures while walking my dog. He was more interested in smelling something. I couldn't get to a better angle and this is the best I got. Is this enough to ID it as an American Kestral? 3/6/19 at Simpson Park. IMG_9255tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr Thanks
  9. This is the best of several pictures taken today,Jan 23, outside of St. Louis, MO. From a distance I thought it was a RSH but up close the white speckles and general coloring looked wrong. The red shoulder wasn't really visible. It does appear in one of the flight pictures. So is it a red shouldered? Sorry for the low quality but the light was pretty bad this afternoon. IMG_8515comp by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr
  10. Saw this a couple weeks ago on the beach at Myrtle Beach, SC. It is the only picture I got of this one. Worked on finding it with iBird without success. Would appreciate an ID. IMG_7232tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr Thanks David R
  11. IMG_6273tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr August 2018, St. Louis County MO
  12. Humph. This is why I hate juveniles and why I post for confirmation. I thought there was no way it could be a little blue heron. But after a little googling and an Sibleyguides.com article on this specific question I find it is a LBH. Half black bill vs mostly black bill and a touch of black at the tip of the tail. Also foraging behavior/location. Thanks
  13. IMG_6759+65 by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr Seen in St. Louis County, MO on Sep. 5 at George Winter Park. I thought it looked too small for the usual great egret. Also didn't look quite right. Comparing pictures on Whatbird leads me to think juvenile snowy egret. I have only seen a couple of times here in about 9 years. Thanks David R
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