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  1. Saw this one while walking the dog this afternoon.  There were several around this small pond just off of the Meramec River in St. Louis County, MO. I thought they were goldfinches until I saw them on the computer screen. Using the search function of whatbird, my best guess is prothonotary warbler. Never heard of them before. 

    Thanks for helping. 




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  2. Taken Feb.23, 2021 outside of St. Louis, MO. I saw this hawk fly low over a bicycle rider's head. Good sized but didn't get a shot off. Would have been neat to get the rider and bird in the same frame. Anyway it quickly came back and perched by the path for a bit and then flew off. My first thought was RSH. Then looking at the pics on the computer I decided it was a juvenile. I briefly thought of smaller hawks but looking at the 2 blurry pictures of it in flight it looks like it has patagials but no belly band. So I am now guessing juvenile red tail hawk. 


    David R



  3. I was organizing my pictures and found these. I didn't remember that I got any pictures of this. A couple weeks after I saw this someone told me they had seen orioles in the same trees at that time. The tree is in a wooded park area a few yards from a lake if that matters.

    This is from mid May 2020 in the St. Louis, MO area. Baltimore Oriole? 


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  4. I have three questionables here. 

    First Feb. 16, 2019 at Simpson Park, St. Louis County. I think it is a ring neck duck but they aren't supposed to be in this area.

    32414222337_8a793d6f75_o.jpgIMG_8900tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr

    The second is a western grebe, maybe but they also aren't supposed to be here. 3/1/19 George Winter Park, St. Louis County

    46632989124_63628d8c9d_o.jpgIMG_9071tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr

    I take these pictures while walking my dog. He was more interested in smelling something.  I couldn't get to a better angle and this is the best I got. Is this enough to ID it as an American Kestral? 3/6/19 at Simpson Park.

    46441266945_9960fd72a1_o.jpgIMG_9255tls by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr



  5. This is the best of several pictures taken today,Jan 23, outside of St. Louis, MO. From a distance I thought it was a  RSH but up close the white speckles and general coloring looked wrong. The red shoulder wasn't really visible. It does appear in one of the flight pictures. So is it a red shouldered? Sorry for the low quality but the light was pretty bad this afternoon.

    39892680263_7b06e38fa8_t.jpgIMG_8515comp by Aqua Tarkus, on Flickr

  6. Humph. This is why I hate juveniles and why I post for confirmation. I thought there was no way it could be a little blue heron. But after a little googling and an Sibleyguides.com article on this specific question I find it is a LBH. Half black bill vs mostly black bill and a touch of black at the tip of the tail. Also foraging behavior/location.


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