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  1. Damn... Well, that sucks. Anyone know why'd it crash?
  2. Oh my god, i remember this site; i used to be a member here when i was like 11 or 12. I think my username was SpiritOfBc or something like that... So anyways, I'm back. Things have changed. I'm not into birding that much anymore but i still do it once a week or so. I'm currently 14 and in high school. I'm into more into music than anything now, specifically Metal and Hard Rock and I'm planning to learn guitar soon. I visited Arizona and Mount Rainier Nat Park last year which was awesome. I saw lots of bird and animal lifers in both places. Idk how active I'll be here but i guess I'll stick around since I'm suspended on TheTopTens (a site that i use a lot). Also, what happened here? This forum is a lot less active than i remember.
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