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  1. Hi All! Okaloosa county, Veterans Park, FL (Ft. Walton Beach) - April 19th, 2021 1. Summer 2. Louisiana? Thank you!
  2. Hi All! Okaloosa County/Veterans park, FL. Taken April 18th, 2021 Thank you!
  3. Hi All! Okaloosa Holding Ponds, Destin Florida! taken today, Oct. 29th Short or long billed Dowitcher? American Golden Plover? Thanks!
  4. Hi All, Taken Oct. 2nd in Santa Rosa Beach, FL (near destin) Thanks!
  5. Hi All! Taken Sept. 29th - Santa Rosa Beach FL, (near Destin) Thank You!
  6. Sept. 24th, Santa Rosa Beach , Florida (Near Destin) Group of 10 or so birds passed over quick - Photos didnt turn out very well... any ideas?
  7. Sept 24th 2020 - Santa Rosa Beach, FL (near Destin) Thanks so much!
  8. Awesome! Common Tern and Lesser Black-backed gull are lifers! I was hopign for a common tern when i noticed the "shoulder bar" - is that a good field mark for fall and winter with common terns? Thanks!
  9. Hi All, Taken September 16th near Destin Florida. Right after hurricane Sally passed through. Thank you! 1)Gull in the back*
  10. Hi All, Taken today Sept. 16th after hurricane Sally Passed through the panhandle of Florida. Santa Rosa Beach, just outside Destin FL. Thanks!
  11. West Jetty, Destin FL. Photo taken Sept 10th
  12. Thanks! I'm underestimating the size of the bill haha - The only other tern that may be close but assuming this is a royal as well? Thank you!
  13. Hi All! This was taken June 19th, 2020 at the West Jetty in Destin Floridas (panhandle) Are any of these good for a Caspian Tern? Photo 1 is bird front and center - Photo 3 is bird on the very right. Thanks!
  14. 50,000! Thats a win for today!! Thanks! The black bar on the wing had me leaning common... Black terns a lifer tho! 🙂
  15. Hi All, Taken June 12th at East Jetty in Destin Florida. #1 Common Tern #2/3 Black Tern
  16. Hi All, Taken Mid-February near Orlando FL. In a retention pond next to a golf course with a bunch of Snow Geese.
  17. Hi All, Taken May 2 - Ft. Walton Beach, FL, (Panhandle) Okaloosa Veterans Park Coopers or Sharp-Shined... Thanks You!
  18. Agreed - Nashville Warbler! Great shot.
  19. Correct! Nice bird and congrats in the lifer!
  20. Agreed! Summer Tanager - try Merlin Bird ID App for helping with IDs.
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