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  1. Another big thank you in shout out to @AlexHenry - pushing me to get the sighting out to everyone and IDing the bird in the first place. And to this awesome community! Doesn’t get better than this group!! Cheers!
  2. Thanks, just posted it in the ABA RBA - any other places I should post it?
  3. Really appreciate all the help! Routine stroll on the beach, turned out to be way more exciting. Few more pictures, I’ve gotten the photos and reports out so we will see! MVI_8593.mov IMG_8605.cr2
  4. So far I sent it to our local Audubon group and regional ebird reviewer but haven't gotten response yet. Posting in ebird now -should I submit as gray gull and upload the media?
  5. Thanks! On hold, will wait for some others... Idalia just went thru last week but 200 miles or so east of us.
  6. Hi all, Today, this bird was on the beach in Santa Rosa Beach Fl, in a group of laughing gulls and then standing on its own. Thank you! IMG_6341.MOV
  7. Hi All! We have a continuing Bairds Sandpiper at the holding ponds on Ft. Walton Beach Fl over the last few days. Was wondering if someone could confirm this ID, Black legs, elongated, wings longer than the body, black bill, clean belly with small streaking a the chest/neck... tough lighting for pictures but any help is appreciated! Cheers!
  8. Hi There! It was taken August 10th, 2023 in Central Park, New York near the pond/ strawberry fields. thank you!
  9. Hi All, Taken today, at the Okaloosa holding ponds in Ft. Walton Beach FL. The first photo: This bird was in a small flock of least but was bigger than the rest. Is there a way to be accurate IDing dowitchers other than the call? Thanks! Cheers, Adam
  10. Thank you! Okaloosa Holding Ponds, Ft. Walton B each Florida taken today. Not sure if there is enough in this image to ID
  11. Taken at Sandestin Florida ( Panhandle), retention ponds near the bay - taken yesterday. Are either of these greaters or both Lesser Scaups as well? Thank you!
  12. Hi All, Taken at the Okaloosa Holding ponds near Ft. Walton Beach FL today. Cheers, Adam
  13. Hi All, These was taken in January, in the panhandle of Florida ( Sandestin, FL). The birds were in retention ponds near the Bay. Lessers were all around but I believe there were some greaters in the group as well. 1.) Greater in the Back, Lessers in the front? 2.) Blue winged teal? Thank you!
  14. This was taken October 8th, 2022, Ft. Walton Beach Landfill. Gadwall? Thanks!
  15. Hi All, These were taken today in Ft. Walton Beach at the Holding Ponds, (Florida Panhandle). 1. I believe the first image is a pintail, could you confirm? 2. Second image - Grebe, ring necks and blue winged? appreciate it! Adam
  16. Hi All! Okaloosa county, Veterans Park, FL (Ft. Walton Beach) - April 19th, 2021 1. Summer 2. Louisiana? Thank you!
  17. Hi All! Okaloosa County/Veterans park, FL. Taken April 18th, 2021 Thank you!
  18. Hi All! Okaloosa Holding Ponds, Destin Florida! taken today, Oct. 29th Short or long billed Dowitcher? American Golden Plover? Thanks!
  19. Hi All, Taken Oct. 2nd in Santa Rosa Beach, FL (near destin) Thanks!
  20. Hi All! Taken Sept. 29th - Santa Rosa Beach FL, (near Destin) Thank You!
  21. Sept. 24th, Santa Rosa Beach , Florida (Near Destin) Group of 10 or so birds passed over quick - Photos didnt turn out very well... any ideas?
  22. Sept 24th 2020 - Santa Rosa Beach, FL (near Destin) Thanks so much!
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