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  1. Thanks @AlexHenry - Could you point out the Western? Is it the most left bird in photo 1 or the Rufous/Rusty bird on the right?
  2. Hi All, Okaloosa Holding Ponds - April 27th Ft. Walton Beach Fl. Panhandle Shore birds will be the end of me! So much time spent trying to make sense of them all, and they don't seem to get easier... Thanks for any help.
  3. I’m going to venture back to the park tomorrow for sure birds… get a better look and pictures. Any of if that’s a bank or rough winged swallow?
  4. Hi All! Taken April 25th, in Ft, Walton Beach FL- Okaloosa Holding Ponds 1 - White-Rumped Sandpiper? 2- Is there a way to confirm Bank swallow without seeing the brown chest strap? 3- Semipalmated? Thanks so much!
  5. Hi All, Ft. Walton Beach, Okaloosa Veterans Park. April 24th #1Swainsons with the buffy stronger eye-ring? #2 Hermit? Photo is not great... Thank you!
  6. Agreed! Rose-Breasted Grosbeak - Dark Crown, strong eyebrow, solid beak!
  7. Hi All! This was in Santa Rosa Beach FL (Panhandle) on May 2nd, 2014. I believe I confirmed this on Whatbird back then but can't find the post... I finally found my picture and wanted to get your thoughts as its a rarity for the area. Thanks!
  8. Appreciate it! If i'm reading eBird correctly this will be the 17th report in Okaloosa county. Had the BWVI visit in 2015 and 3 reports 2018... Super exciting!
  9. Thanks for that - Do these help? Faint Whiskers... assuming the whiskers would be pretty dark and visible? Thanks for the time!
  10. Hi All - Taken April 18th in Ft Walton beach, Panhandle of Florida (Okaloosa Veterans Park) Black-Whiskered vs Red-Eyed Vireo? Pictures 1 and 2 are different birds - We've had both in the park... The second bird seemed I saw my first Cerulean and Blue-winged Warbler today! Happy Saturday! Thanks for the help.
  11. Agreed, Horned Lark - https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Horned_Lark/id
  12. Tree Swallow it is! Dark above and clean white underparts.
  13. I think royal as well after doing some more reading - beak seems a bit too orange - probably would be more black on Wing tips and maybe a bit too early for this area?
  14. April 16th - Okaloosa Veterans Park, Ft. Walton Beach Florida The tern was size of a gull - Park is sandwiched between the bay and Gulf. Thanks!
  15. Taken April 16 - Ft. Walton Beach FL, Okaloosa Veterans Park #1 E. Wood-Peewee? Acadian Flycatcher? #2,3 - Indigo Bunting or Blue Grosbeak #4 - Tennessee Warbler?
  16. Lesser Yellowlegs, agreed! Greater’s have a noticeably larger bill and typically looks upturned.
  17. Happy Saturday! Taken April 11 - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (Panhandle) #1 - Ruby-Throated #2 Female Orchard Oriole? #3 No clue... not a great photo #4 Pine Warbler? - It was rubbing its beak and head in all of the plants... Thanks for the help!
  18. April 9 - Ft. Walton Beach FL, Okaloosa Holding Ponds - Any help wioth IDs you see would be awesome. Still working on my Shorebird ID... #1 - Lesser in the front and what would be bulkier bird in the middle? #2 - Lesser and Greaters, and a stilt sandpiper in the front? #3/4 - Greater Yellowlegs? #5 - Pectoral or Least Sandpiper? (seems small for pectoral) Thank You!
  19. Agreed. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher - White Eye-ring and outer white tail feathers. Cool Bird!
  20. Happy Thursday! These were taken April 9, 2020 - Around the Okaloosa Holding Pond location and Veterans Park. Orchard Oriole? White Crowned? Swamp Sparrow?
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