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  1. Hi All, Im sure I have a hermit here but looking to confirm and also understand better the difference between hermit and swainson’s. By “Buff eyering” it means more prevelant and noticeable? Didn’t notice a tail bob but didn’t have a long look - Feb 16, 2020 - Santa Rosa Beach Fl
  2. Morning! Feb. 15th, 2020, Santa Rosa Beach Fl I was on the wrong side of the pond for correct lighting with these photos… Lesser yellow legs? Black necked Stilt? thanks for any help!
  3. Appreciate it! The majority had more of a purple Sheen but these Definitely came off more green. Always tough!
  4. Hi All! February 7, 2020 - Santa Rosa Beach Florida Is this a black bellied plover… Very strong eyebrow. is this a black bellied plover… Very strong eyebrow. Also, still working on the lesser versus greater scalp. How accurate is the green versus purple head on males…? Any help would be great thanks!
  5. I think: the one on the very right is Caspian- smaller ones in the middle are fosters? And not sure about the one on the left...
  6. Hi All, January 30th - Orlando Fl. I have a yard time keeping all of the terms straight - are their 3 different species here or? Looks like 1 large, medium and small but it may be the angle... thanks!
  7. Hi All! January 22nd, 2020 Santa Rosa Beach, Fl image 2 - (chipping sparrow?) thanks so much!
  8. Hi All, Santa Rosa Beach, Fl Jan 16, 2020 Thank you!
  9. Hi all, It was seen: Type of Vireo i believe... any help would be awesome. Thanks! Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - October 19th
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