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  1. Beautiful bird, but get some ear plugs.
  2. Massaudubon.org/learn/nature-wildlife/birds/color-abnormaladies-in-birds Since this topic comes up a lot. A good, short article. In pigeons we call it dilution.
  3. Does this resemble what you saw? A blue checker domestic pigeon. https://www.google.com/search?q=blue+check+pigeons&oq=blue+check+pigeons&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.11358j0j7&client=tablet-android-samsung-nf-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=hKeR3I1sMwmqHM:
  4. That can also be a recessive sex link gene, found in many domestic birds, known as dilution. It was named that, as it dilutes all colors the bird possesses.
  5. That blue, sometimes called andalusian in chickens and pigeons, is also a dead giveaway for domestic fowl.
  6. Black Necked Swan, native to South America. Escapee probably.
  7. Sorry I missed this one. That is a beautiful purebred Pheasant, or Suabian, pigeon....domestic Rock Pigeon.
  8. Pretty much. And the eye ring is always present, in various colors, from black to white.
  9. Why isn’t that just a young Muscovy? I’ve seen quite a few in domestic flocks that look very similar.
  10. One more attempt. Could this be a Eurasian Skylark? Or again, wrong bill.
  11. Slightly larger than the Saffron Finches, so I ruled young Saffron’s out, plus they were slimmer. But they did have a very slight yellowish cast to them. That a possibility?
  12. It sure is. Just a SWAG. I have no idea.
  13. Do I see a band on its leg. If so, you can trace it by number. looks like a hungry racing pigeon. They can become extremely good pets. If you have a band number, google the National Pigeon Assn, or the American Union Racing Pigeon organization.
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