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  1. Looks small, but fully feathered. Japanese quail?
  2. Yes, and from the red feathers in the wings, I would say an ash red of some pattern with pied. However, an ash red cannot have a blue/black tail, so genetically it has to be a blue, with bronzing in the wings. Only other possibility is a mosaic, which are very rare in feral.
  3. Yes, a grizzle blue check with one of the bronze genes.
  4. That's because, in addition to being rare, they usually don't last long in the wild.
  5. Color and crested variation of a domestic African Ring Neck Dove.
  6. Also, no mention of the black face, which the yellow version retains, or the pink beak. Unless I missed that.
  7. The breed is a Swallow or Wing pigeon,a domestic show bird. Color is blue barless.
  8. Ash red barred domestic. Might be a Racing Homer.
  9. In domestic pigeons and doves, the sex linked gene for dilution often also dilutes the beak and nail colors. This bird looks like a dilute. In addition, the bird has white feathering on the head. This, also is associated with a lightened beak. These are two possibilities with this bird. I'd guess African, as they are prone to a greater range of mutations than the Eurasian.
  10. Juniper Titmouse? Or is that beak too narrow/long?
  11. Looks like a red winged blackbird. I can see the epaulettes.
  12. Looks to be a fawn or khaki color expression on a domestic mallard. Quite common. This link may help with a lot of the questions that pop up on here in relation to Domestics. https://www.backyardchickens.com/articles/mallard-derived-duck-color-genetics-basics.74277/
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