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  1. Yes, rock pigeons. There are several white genetic variations in domestic pigeons. Albino (sex linked), recessive white (both parents must be, or carry the gene), pied white (random inheritance), grizzle white (homozygous grizzle, a partial dominant). Extremely common in domestic birds, fairly common in ferals. There are a number of them in the cities along the Orange County coast. Probably many descended from white Homing Pigeons gone feral. I know, TMI.
  2. Someone's escaped bird with a pair band on its leg. Genetically, homozygous blue grizzle in color.
  3. Although there are magpie muscovies also...soooo.
  4. That "golden eye" in that first photo appears to be the closed eyelid.
  5. In domestic birds, that wing condition is actually caused by excess protein in their diets.
  6. Those things are all over Hawaii. Smaller than our cardinals and very friendly. They were eating off the tables while folks were having breakfast. No crests. All three of the cardinal species are introduced in Hawaii...Northern Cardinal, Yellow Bill and Red Crested.
  7. Definitely not an albino. Lots of pigment. I think what Melierax is saying is that it is just the bright ray of sun lightening the appearance of the bird. There's another bird in upper left that also appears much lighter.
  8. Why is there consideration that this duck has muscovy in it at all. Looks like a plain old domestic mallards to me.
  9. Classic khaki coloration in domestic mallards. It is sex linked and recessive.
  10. Extremely difficult to determine specific lineage on this family of birds, as most interbreed freely. Many hybrids flying the skies of S. Florida.
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