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  1. That’s pretty much a normal male Cardinal. Nice photo and welcome.
  2. Thank you. I know tons about pigeons, not much about anything else. This one does not strike me as any particular domestic breed. Could be a Racing Homer, a Roller, Highflier, etc. However, nothing distinctive enough for me to think it is anything more than an ordinary feral rock dove(pigeon).
  3. It’s one of the color variants in domestic Muscovies, called lavender. It is a recessive color gene that changes the color to change from black to a soft silver.
  4. Could be just a rock pigeon or could be a racing pigeon, which is one of the domestic breeds, and got lost on a training flight. You might ask around or google to see if there is a club there. Probably NOT an albino. Those are very rare. One of the genetic whites would be my guess.
  5. More than likely belongs to someone there. Not a lot of white birds make it in the wild. It will be fine with any kind of seed, sunflower, millet, canary, peanuts, corn, wheat etc. that is, until a predator comes along. Do not put it in a cage unless you close the door. Easy pickings for a hawk or owl. Pigeons live in Alaska, so probably think Guatemala is a paradise.
  6. Barred blue, white flight, with one of the bronze modifiers, of which there are several kinds. Some color combinations rival exotic birds. Google Archangels and gimpels, as examples. Yes, we are a beautiful lot. 😎
  7. I’ll place the stamp of approval on those affirmations. Familial relationship, and all. Coloration: pieds, and the lighter ones are grizzles, both controlled genetic effects.
  8. Color, size, shape all scream domestic.
  9. Wow, have two good friends, one in Phoenix City, Al and the other on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. Coincidenza!!!
  10. Mealy Amazon’s are large parrots with a squared tail. Perhaps the largest of the Amazons. This looks more like a South American parakeet/conure. Perhaps a blue crowned or dusky. How big is that dog.
  11. Domestic in khaki coloration, a common mutation in domestics.
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