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  1. Last name Saltee.
  2. Wow, have two good friends, one in Phoenix City, Al and the other on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. Coincidenza!!!
  3. Pigeon

    Mealy Parrot? (pet)

    Mealy Amazon’s are large parrots with a squared tail. Perhaps the largest of the Amazons. This looks more like a South American parakeet/conure. Perhaps a blue crowned or dusky. How big is that dog.
  4. Domestic in khaki coloration, a common mutation in domestics.
  5. Pigeon

    Unknown Duck?

    Long tailed Duck.
  6. Is that bird gray with a black cap...meowwww!
  7. Pigeon

    Pin-Tailed Whydah?

    Looks to be a Pin tailed female.
  8. Pigeon

    Purple Swamphens?

    Grey headed swamp hens, an introduced species?
  9. Pigeon

    Pintail Hybrid?

    I’d say a Blue Swedish(domestic Mallard) also.
  10. Pigeon


    This wing pattern is called check or checker. Wing patterns can be a much darker check, called a t pattern which is almost black, to this lighter check pattern(sometimes even lighter) to the wild type(2 bars across the lower shield of the wing, to a barless(no pattern on the shield). This is also in order of dominance, from most dominant to most recessive. In addition to pattern, there are three color families...ash red, blue(wild type) and brown, again in order of dominance.
  11. Pigeon


    Looks to be a juvenile mourning dove.
  12. Are you sure it is black, and not intense deep blue? Indigo Bunting?
  13. Pigeon

    Keys Raptor

    Snail Kite?