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  1. As Rodney Dangerfield so eloquently stated...NO RESPECT...for the majestic Rock Pigeon.
  2. Crops are generally much lower in the neck...about where it joins the body.
  3. Not necessarily an escapee. There are small populations of feral budgies In Texas.
  4. I'm in Covington. Where was this bird seen?
  5. This a pigeon, ash red grizzle and I'd put my money on a Racing pigeon. Hundreds of thousands of pigeons are raised and banded each year.
  6. Eastern New Orleans also. population increasing.
  7. Domestic Cayuga on the black duck, which is a mallard, of course.
  8. And remember a 4" board is actually 3 1/2" as cut.
  9. I would have said a pigeon, color is right for juvenile, HOWEVER, not if those boards are 4" wide. That would be one miniature pigeon. Those primary flight feathers look fully grown.
  10. There are upwards of 500 domestic pigeon "breeds" derived from the Rock pigeon. Some relatively normal, others bizarre. It is one of the most domesticated animals bred, in many various forms and colors. Shows held worldwide with thousands of entries. When one is seen in the wild possessing unusual structural variances, you can be assured, It is an escapee.
  11. Appears to be a ash red domestic cross breed . Possibly between Pouter/Cropper and an unknown variety.
  12. Looks small, but fully feathered. Japanese quail?
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