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  1. One more attempt. Could this be a Eurasian Skylark? Or again, wrong bill.
  2. Slightly larger than the Saffron Finches, so I ruled young Saffron’s out, plus they were slimmer. But they did have a very slight yellowish cast to them. That a possibility?
  3. It sure is. Just a SWAG. I have no idea.
  4. Do I see a band on its leg. If so, you can trace it by number. looks like a hungry racing pigeon. They can become extremely good pets. If you have a band number, google the National Pigeon Assn, or the American Union Racing Pigeon organization.
  5. Only thing I can think of is American Pipit, which I think is very uncommon in Hawaii.
  6. Can anyone tell me what this is: Seen early this month on the dry, west side of the Big Island. lots of mynah’s, Saffron Finches, Nene. Don’t think I saw any indigenous birds the whole week. Lots of wild goats and mongoose, which, along with the wild pigs, might be the reason. Than you. https://imgur.com/a/HW9kJ9E
  7. That’s a Racing pigeon. Go here: https://www.pigeon.org/bandlistings.php Looks like a raptor got it.
  8. Sure is dark. Might be melanistic. (Excess pigment)
  9. Didn’t work for me on first click, but second try worked just fine. Striking bird.
  10. Yes, domestic Crested Duck (Mallard).
  11. A fourth goose? Distant from the first three?
  12. Sure looks like one of my cousins to me. That tail band screams kinda cinches it for me.
  13. That tail on No 1 does confuse me , being so rounded. Maybe a juvenile white tail kite?
  14. 1st appears to be a Mississippi Kite. Not sure on the second, so won’t venture a swag.
  15. Yes, one of the game fowl breeds. A hen. Welcome.
  16. Racing birds are slightly bigger than feral pigeons. But, too large, and they would labor during races. They are athletes and are well “muscled up”, to a point.
  17. That is a pigeon(RockDove). Domesticated, of course. The band on the leg gives it away. Educated guess, someone’s Racing Pigeon, stopping for a rest. Color appears to be blue checker grizzle.
  18. ‘‘Tis a rock/feral pigeon. Old enough to eat on its own...grain mix and some water should do it. Sprinkle it liberally on the floor where you are keeping him/her. Make great pets. Not sure if rehabbers do pigeons. Blue checker is the color and pattern.
  19. Yes, Appears to be a young bird in a moult. Welcome.
  20. Also very common in pigeons/doves. Mosquito borne. The chicken industry developed a vaccine to ward off the virus, or greatly reduce its effect. The lesions usually dry up and fall off, but it does, rarely, result in deaths. Effect is predominately to young birds and once a bird is infected, after recovery, it is then immune.
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