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  1. If you have ever eaten duck at your local restaurant, this is them, although they are generally called White Pekins. Nothing more than a breed of domestic mallard. The white is preferred, as in chickens, turkeys, squab, etc as the skin is also light colored. Which reminds me, Thanksgiving is only a month away. Time for a butterball white turkey.
  2. Could be a racing homer...or just a feral. Has that athletic appearance. No leg band, however.
  3. 2 and 3 ...flight feathers from a domestic (feral) pigeon? Common food for a raptor.
  4. That appears to be one of the Trumpeter breeds of domestic pigeons. The marking is referred to as a tail mark. There are several breeds, however, that look similar.
  5. Quite interesting. I know of no mutations in Eurasians or Ringnecks that would produce such a condition. If natural, I'd say melanistic. Quite possible that dove sat down in some sludge, chemical or waste and the feathers are fouled. Note the belly is also dark. However, the rest of the bird is also darkened, to a degree.
  6. And it's a female...by the brown nostrils. Males have blue. I'd say less than a year old by the smudgy forehead. Also a sky blue pied.
  7. Lady Gould or Gouldian finch. Several mutations pictured.
  8. Looks like a Royal Palm turkey...a domestic variety.
  9. Appears to be one of the flying breeds. Not distinctive enough to tell which. The red on the breast, I would bet, is from red grit, which has iodine In it. Pigeon fanciers feed either red grit or gray grit since the birds have no way of getting it in confinement, and it is essential for digestion, grinding up seeds in the crops of birds.
  10. Oh, and the white coloration is probably recessive white, a simple genetic mutation in pigeons.
  11. Yes, rock pigeon, common color in homing pigeons, which is what this probably is. Yes, used for releases at weddings, funerals, sporting events, etc.
  12. Ahhhhhh, Doc Hollander, an old, sometimes mentor. He was the expert in pigeon genetics.
  13. Thats a domestic rock pigeon... The breed is, Im pretty sure, a baldhead roller,,, birds that perform rolls in the air.
  14. The first bird pictured is a white crowned pigeon, which inhabit extreme southern florida. Middle just a rock pigeon.
  15. Sorry to be so late in responding to this one, but have had a lot of things going on and have not been on in awhile. That is a rock pigeon for sure, nothing out of the ordinary, except for the yellow/golden/orange color on the breast. If that is actually on that bird, then it is a mosaic, which is a genetic aberration in color that is not all that uncommon in pigeons. Think calico coloration in cats. Its simply a pied mosaic.
  16. Beautiful bird, but get some ear plugs.
  17. Massaudubon.org/learn/nature-wildlife/birds/color-abnormaladies-in-birds Since this topic comes up a lot. A good, short article. In pigeons we call it dilution.
  18. Does this resemble what you saw? A blue checker domestic pigeon. https://www.google.com/search?q=blue+check+pigeons&oq=blue+check+pigeons&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.11358j0j7&client=tablet-android-samsung-nf-rev1&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=hKeR3I1sMwmqHM:
  19. That can also be a recessive sex link gene, found in many domestic birds, known as dilution. It was named that, as it dilutes all colors the bird possesses.
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