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  1. Yeah, not sure what went wrong! I tried to correct the issue but still didn't work properly. Oh well... Anyhow, it's a call that is Northern Waterthrush-like but not quite. Any calls that sound vaguely similar?
  2. I've been hearing this all day on and off in MI. Any ideas? 5132022.MOV 5132022.MOV
  3. Crazy. It's been unusually warm for this time of year. I wonder if that's playing into it.
  4. Thanks for the response. I think it's a swainson's as well. It's late, though, so I always try to get clarification from other birders to set my mind at ease.
  5. No reddish tail, no tail bobbing. I don't think this is a hermit and would appreciate some input. Would be a bit late for swainsons but this is what I believe I have here. Thank you.
  6. It does look like yellow, but I am concerned as this species has left the area some weeks ago.
  7. I saw this bird briefly this morning (9/20) in MI. Very active, didn't get very good views and this only photo. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. In my yard today. Would appreciate some input.
  9. In my yard this morning. The photos look bizarre as I took them through a screen door. The same bird and the only two photos I managed. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  10. I saw this bird out of my front window this morning. I would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!
  11. Looks like a run of the mill song sparrow.
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