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  1. Thank you both. A few Scarlet Tanagers around in the vicinity so probably Scarlet.
  2. Boyd Hill Preserve, FL 20th April 2019 I think two of these are the same bird. Is the other an imature Scarlet Tanager? https://i.imgur.com/iCLJXAX.jpg[ https://i.imgur.com/an4GgBF.jpg[ https://i.imgur.com/DevZJlB.jpg[
  3. Spotted this at Boyd Hill Preserve, FL on 17th April 2019. Thought it might be a Hairy as it has longer bill and appears to have the shoulder spurs.
  4. Spotted at Crescent Lake Park, St. Petersburg, FL 1st March 2019
  5. It appears from this article that the chance of a pure Mottled Dcuk in Pinellas County is very low. This duck was also in the company of several Mallards so I will note it as a hybrid. Thank you for the assistance.
  6. Seen in Florida, St. Petersburg 21st January 2019 https://imgur.com/yNvOqe9
  7. Taken at Ojibway Prairie, SW Ontario 30 Aug 2018 https://imgur.com/5sISKN1
  8. Taken on 3rd September 2018 at Point Pelee National Park, Ontario. I think the second may be a Rose Breasted Grosbeak and the third a flycatcher. https://imgur.com/TbzrE29 https://imgur.com/AJYA5dZ https://imgur.com/1CAEZed https://imgur.com/qTu3Zoj https://imgur.com/GqhXb2w https://imgur.com/Uo4kl7E
  9. That is what I was thinking but thank you for the confirmation.
  10. Seen at Point Pelee National Park, SW Ontario. Heavily cropped, fuzzy photo. When seen through binoculars it appeared to have a yellow breast. https://imgur.com/YT99Cym
  11. Seen at Point Pelee National Park, SW Ontario on 27th May.
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