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  1. Great, thank you. I have just begun seeing the male at the feeder so this makes sense. I suspect I have seen them around quite a bit but I probably thought the male was a Towhee which I used to think was a strange-looking Robin.
  2. This bird was at a feeder in Portland, OR. I wish I had my camera but this is using my phone's zoom so it is pretty muddy. I feel as if I should know this bird but am drawing a blank. It is about the size of a Towhee with a yellowish cast to its breast. Thank you!
  3. These were taken in Portland, OR recently. I think the first photo shows an immature Golden-crowned Sparrow while the second is the adult. Thanks for your help.
  4. Thanks, that makes things clearer. I must be seeing Lesser Goldfinches all the time and rarely see an American Goldfinch. The squirrel proof feeder and the small nut/seed mix really helps draw in birds I have never seen before.
  5. Happy Holidays! 1 Townsends Warbler female or immature male. I had never heard of this bird and thought it was a Goldfinch. 2 and 3 Song Sparrow with the distinctively striped breast. I think that the rest are Goldfinches. I have seen them in a very pale greenish shade to a bright yellow. Thank you.
  6. Happy Holidays! These are photos mostly from the last week or so. The green hummer is from earlier this year. 1-3 Anna's Hummingbird given the location and season but they all look like different birds to me. The first picture is much clearer since this hummer is just hanging out in the tree waiting for the feeder to be refilled. They are usually moving so fast that all I get are blurry photos. 4 Downy Woodpecker female with a Chestnut-Backed Chickadee 5 Downy Woodpecker female 6 Downy Woodpecker male I have more bird ID questions but I will put them in another post. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. Looking through photos then this is a female or immature male? I am in a suburb of Portland.
  8. These are pretty bad photos but I am hoping someone knows what hummingbird this is anyway. It appears to be greenish with a little bit of white or light color on the end of the tail. Thank you.
  9. This is a small bird at the feeder in Portland, OR this week. When I saw it, I thought it was a Bewick's Wren but now have no idea what it is. There were two of them and I only saw them that one time. Thank you.
  10. Thank you! I was wondering if it was a sick Cackling Goose with some kind of skin/feather condition. Nice to know that I was completely wrong. ?
  11. Hello all, I wanted to see if I was identifying these birds correctly. That is, all except for the grey bird in the first photo. There was a Snow Goose in a flock of Cacklings and Canada Geese but I have not seen it in quite awhile. All photos were taken in Portland, Oregon at different times of the year. Thank you!
  12. Oh I see. Would these also be immature male Hooded Megansers?
  13. These comments ? . I am pretty near-sighted and know little about birds but I do know more than I did last year so that is something. I just saw this and thought, wow, that is the tiniest female Mallard ever.
  14. This bird shows up in the evening and perches on a tall tree. I was wondering if the brown-grey color indicates a juvenile. I also saw it catch and drop and then dive for (what I think is) the same fish over and over again. Is that normal behavior? It reminded me of a cat playing with a dead mouse. Thank you
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