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  1. Thank you. This morning the rabbit was gone so maybe junior finally went back and picked it up.
  2. Yes this was from today. If I had seen just the light colored one, I would have thought it was a Cooper's Hawk. Like this photo from a few years ago in the same location. Today, the dark hawk flew down to the lower perch and the lighter one flew into the trunk of the tree where it is split. Seeing the dark red tail is very common. The light one not at all.
  3. Great thanks. Here are the two of them. Looks like junior just killed a rabbit, sadly, and left it on the ground having been scared by humans walking onto the deck. Seems that the other one is telling junior to go back and get it.
  4. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could id these birds. They were sitting on the same tree with the darker one sitting above and shouting or calling down to the other one. I was wondering if they were related or if they were not and were arguing with each other.
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