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  1. Interesting. Thank you for the confirmation. And the education! I looked up non-native birds of Hawaii and it would appear almost my entire list consists of non-native birds. Huh.
  2. I'm looking through a few photos and the birds just look a little different to me. I believe these are house finches and house sparrows. Can anyone confirm?
  3. This is another photo from the Guanacaste, Costa Rica area in March of 2020 without great angles. I did not catch the sides or the backside of this bird but from what I can tell it looks like a Streak-backed Oriole. The head, bill and chest are consistent and there are not any spots on the chest area so possibly ruling out the Spot-breasted Oriole. The bill is also straight so I think that would rule out the Hooded Oriole. I attached one full photo then a close up of the front/side view of that photo showing possibly the edges of two or three white stripes. Is there another bird this can
  4. Thank you all. I did not post the one above because the quality is so poor but I am going to agree with you. The tail is too long and does fit the Great-tailed Grackle down there!
  5. Looking back through my saved bird photos I did label this bird as a Clay-colored Thrush which was about 10 minutes away from this weird angled one I posted. None of my photos turned out great for this guy! I did learn that it used to be called the Clay-colored Robin and is the national bird for Costa Rica since the 70's. Just misc. info...
  6. Hello Aaron. Reserva Conchal golf course and beach area. There was not nearly enough time to bird watch but we were able to enjoy what was around us! I'd say the Turquoise-brown motmot and the Collared aracari was the best!
  7. I thought the tails and b Thank you Connor! I thought the tails and beaks on each looked different than the king birds on the yellow birds I posted so I wasn't sure. And the more I researched and looked up birds to compare too the more "other" birds I thought they could be. I also thought of Clay-colored Thrush but then I thought our female black birds looks similar and the unfortunate weird angle with a bug in it's mouth is not very helpful! Thank you!
  8. Out of the 35 new birds I came across last March in Costa Rica, I was unable to identify a handful them and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
  9. In Lewis and Clark County, Montana and this guy was sitting on the top of a pole. Is this a Rough Legged Hawk or something else?
  10. Thank you Aaron for responding. I will go with your thoughts on it being a young eagle. There certainly was a handful of them out there that day but this one being on the orange side I thought I better ask. Thank you again.
  11. At the lake in White Sulpher Springs Montana Area. This bird was about 400 to 500 yards away and the photo was taken through a scope using my phone. I included one of the further away photos before I zoomed it in so there is an idea on size.
  12. Thank you all for the confirmation! The White-winged Scoter is rare for this area and I do see the reference on the head of the immature Pied-billed Grebe. Thank You again!
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