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  1. We were in Yellowstone on January 18th in Lamar Valley and saw these birds on the water. White-winged Scoter? They do not have the bump on the beak but some of the descriptions said the female may not have the bump. Similar birds were seen with a group of Golden-eye later. Can I get some feedback on this bird please? They are not the greatest photos but I can see the eye is a lighter color and one has yellow at the tip of the beak. Thank you. Kathy
  2. I am looking for assistance with identifying this bird. I took this photograph in April 2019 while driving around the area of Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. It was in a field with several Sandhill Cranes. I've searched through several websites and I am unable to determine specifically what this falls under. The legs are dark and the eyes appear dark in color. Thus far I've listed under Sandhill Crane, Antigone Canadensis, but nothing makes that stand out as a rarity, if it in fact is rare.
  3. Thank you to everyone who responded. I'm including two new photos and the third is a copy of one of the two but lightened up. Red-tailed are definitely present in this area.
  4. Thank you for ruling out the Common Black Hawk. I have not ruled out all dark morphed hawks or any other large raptors that somewhat fit. I have a few additional photos I will go through and "clean up" to attempt to get different features. It would be pretty amazing to see a Zone-tailed in Nebraska!
  5. Can anyone id this bird? I've considered a Juvenile Common Black Hawk or the Juvenile Zone-tailed Hawk both because of the tail feather pattern seen in flight. The tail feathers do not appear to be short enough for a Common Black Hawk however the water habitat was more consistent, which was the North Platte River. Nebraska does not appear to be a location for either of these birds. I did not observe any white on the head or around the eyes nor do I see any visible markings at the ankle area. This was seen on April 6, 2019 at 10:55am in Lewellen Nebraska.
  6. Please help id. Looks likes a Cassin's Finch however I am not certain. Eating bird seed in Jefferson County Montana on 10/26/19.
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