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  1. Thank you @Bird-Boys and @Quiscalus quiscula for the ID and info. I hope this escapee will be successful to enjoy a long life in the south Florida "wild".
  2. What do I call this bird? (Sep 9, 2021 - Wellington, Florida) It has similarities with a rosy-faced lovebird, but that is not a bird native to south Florida. Since it is flocking with monk parakeets, it would seem to have pretty good chances of creating some sort of a new hybrid generation that doesn't have a "life list-able" designation at the moment, but it exists - I saw it - and I would like to count whatever-it-is in my "birds I've seen (and photographed)" list.
  3. This bird was fishing the reclaimed water Wakodahatchee Wetlands July 3rd 2021:
  4. Sounds right - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uropygial_gland Thanks.
  5. My wife and I watched a Florida Burrowing Owl attentively preen the protrusion shown in the attached photos. At first I was thinking the protrusion must be the base of a new or lost feather, but in searching the Internet, I found a statement saying 3% of the roughly 10,000 bird species have a p-nis within the cloaca. Anyone know what we actually captured in the photos?
  6. Today, Oct. 31, 2019 South Florida, Loxahatchee NWR, Marsh Trail at sunset Fairly confident we saw an indigo bunting female solo (totally brown, wing bars, bunting beak), and nearby it seemed three painted buntings gathered, but one of these three appears more like an indigo immature than a painted bunting immature. Does this happen? Or is the blurry brown bird with streaked chest actually a painted bunting?
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