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  1. Thanks! Though I should add that I can't be certain that it's the same bird as in the first shot. It was within a few feet of it, but I can't be sure.
  2. Here's another shot of a presumptive Cackling Goose nestled between Tundra Swans and with some Sandhill Cranes in the background. It is quite small compared to the swans, and the beak is very short compared to a Canada Goose. What do you think?
  3. Here is the best shot I could find of the possible Wilson's Snipe (taken quite accidentally). What do you think? Thanks!
  4. Many thanks! I'll look to see if I have a better photo of the possible Wilson's Snipe.
  5. Thanks for the quick confirmation! 😁
  6. Seen yesterday or today on flooded agricultural fields near Sacramento, California. I'm guessing either Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs. Many thanks!
  7. Again, birds like this one were seen yesterday or today on flooded agricultural land near Sacramento, California. I think it's a Northern Pintail given the white markings on the neck. Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I saw these birds yesterday in flooded agricultural land not too far from Sacramento, California. My tentative IDs are Mute Swans and Cackling Geese. I'm pretty sure about the latter, but not the former. Many thanks for your help!
  9. Seen today in the SF Bay area -- a salt-water marsh to be more specific. I was going to call it a Great Egret, but then learned that there is a white form of the Great Blue Heron. Now it seems to me that its head is more like the latter, but I'm far from sure. Thanks! PS: And it was big!
  10. Thanks! I've only seen this bird once before, and not in this area close to home in the two years I've been here.
  11. I saw this bird today by San Francisco Bay. I'm guessing it's a Black Turnstone, but I wait to be corrected. Thanks!
  12. Ah, yes, that's a great explanation. Thank you so much!
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