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  1. Sorry for the poor photo. Seen yesterday in SF Bay Area. Thanks!
  2. Many, many thanks to all for your comments and insights!
  3. A similar photo, in case it helps. Someone with a good sense of humor has suggested “trouser hawk”.
  4. I pulled this off my NextDoor feed, shot recently in the SF Bay Area. So far, this bird has been identified as a brown eagle (yes, you read that right ), adolescent golden eagle, Swainson’s hawk, juvenile female red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon and Cooper’s hawk. The person who appears to be most knowledgeable is saying juvenile female red-tailed hawk. Your thoughts, please.
  5. Thank you so much! That's great. It buzzed my sister-in-law a foot above her head in its hurry to escape some belligerent Bluejays. Mark
  6. This owl was seen today in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Thanks! Mark
  7. Sorry for the poor quality photos. Best I could do with an iPhone. Saw this bird today by SF Bay. It’s smaller than a Willet and bigger than a Western. Maybe (small) plover sized? Thanks!
  8. This bird was feasting in my brother’s Ottawa backyard last winter. I’m pretty sure it’s one those two hawks, but not sure which. Thanks for your help! Mark
  9. Very interesting, thank you. Bud worms are sad for the spruce, but great for birds.
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