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  1. Sorry for the poor quality photos. Best I could do with an iPhone. Saw this bird today by SF Bay. It’s smaller than a Willet and bigger than a Western. Maybe (small) plover sized? Thanks!
  2. This bird was feasting in my brother’s Ottawa backyard last winter. I’m pretty sure it’s one those two hawks, but not sure which. Thanks for your help! Mark
  3. Very interesting, thank you. Bud worms are sad for the spruce, but great for birds.
  4. Is that because they are more abundant this year? (I should have said that the photos were taken today in the SF Bay area.)
  5. Oh wow, that's a lifer! Or, at least, it's the first time that I know it's a Pine Siskin. 😃 Many thanks! Mark
  6. Hi all, Could I get your opinion on whether these are Yellow-rumped Warbler? One is fighting off a Lesser Goldfinch. Thanks, Mark
  7. Thank you both so much! I never cease to be grateful for the knowledge and generosity of people on this site.
  8. A friend took these photos with an iPhone near Monterrey within the last two days. I'm guessing the first is a Long-billed Curlew (please correct me if I'm wrong), but I'm not sure about the other. Many thanks for your help!
  9. Anna's Hummingbird standing guard above our feeder.
  10. That's a great education, Tony. Thank you so much for this thoughtful and well-explained reply! Mark
  11. The photo from All About Birds (copied below) shows a white/dark banding pattern on both sides of the tail from rump to tip. I don't see this in my photo. Could just be the angle or the way the tails are (or are not) displayed.
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