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  1. Anna's Hummingbird and double-crested Cormorant.
  2. Thanks! Apologies for posting this in the wrong thread.
  3. Thanks to both. I thought that the white forehead on the first indicated non-breeding Common, but I see that’s not the case necessarily.
  4. I saw these two terns today by San Francisco Bay. I think they are Common and Forster's, but I'd sure like to hear what you think. Many thanks.
  5. Saw these grebes yesterday on San Francisco Bay. I'm pretty sure they're Clark's Grebes, except I'm a bit confused by the one with the "underbite". It's lower bill extends beyond the upper in the manner of a skimmer. Is this a deformity? Or perhaps an injury?
  6. Spotted Sandpiper (Identified by whatbird forum members)
  7. Thanks for the info and kind words, everyone! That's a lifer! Stay safe and well, all you kind people.
  8. Saw him or her this afternoon. Thanks for your help!
  9. Wow, took me ages to find any bird at all! Cool shot.
  10. Thanks! That’s a fascinating part of the world you live in. Haha, ravens huh. Now I have to give my daughter the opportunity to say, I told you so. She’ll love it. 😄
  11. Trevor, To correct my list (thanks to people on the forum: not Anna’s but rather Costa’s Hummingbird; not American Kestral but rather Red-tailed Hawk. I also saw some Yellow-rumped Warblers in Indian Canyon; also what are probably House Finches.
  12. Apologies for the many asks today. Saw this hawk a little outside Joshua Tree National Park in California yesterday. Is it a Red-tailed? Thanks!
  13. Finally a hummingbird other than an Anna's! Thank you!
  14. Hi all, I saw these hummingbirds in and around Palm Springs, California, over the last few days. Are any of them Costa's Hummingbirds. I've also got some photos of an apparent female that I could post. Thanks!
  15. Thanks, everyone! Trevor, here’s a list of birds we’ve seems in the area over the last 3 days. I’ll be asking for help with the ones with a question mark once I get home and process the photos. Palm Springs White-crowned sparrow Black-chinned Hummingbird (?) Mourning Dove Crows (my daughter insists they are ravens...? She is usually right.) Palm Desert Anna’s hummingbird (?) Canada goose American coot Ruddy Duck Pied-billed Grebe Great egret Great blue heron American White Pelican Vermillion Flycatcher Black-crowned Night Heron (probable) Indian Canyon Anna’s Hummingbird (?) Joshua Tree National Park Turkey vulture Black-throated Sparrow American Kestrel (?) Crow
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