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  1. 23 hours ago, roadcykler said:

    I went on a birding outing last year and the person leading our group works for the Audubon Society (among others) and she used the term "sub-adult" instead of juvenile or immature. I forget the reasons why, but she explained it. I doubt it really matter much except to the most ardent (pedantic?) people. Great picture. 

    Thanks for the kind comment. Hey, "sub-adult", I like that!

  2. Hi all,

    This photo was shot today in the SF Bay area. This bird was being harassed by a White-tailed Kite, but didn't seem to pay it much mind. I think it's a raptor but can't make out what exactly. Sorry the photo is not the best. Thanks for your help!

    PS: This bird was bigger than the White-tailed Kite. Is it a Red-tailed Hawk perhaps?


  3. 16 hours ago, blackburnian said:

    I’m not willing to call the left three geese, particularly the bird farthest to the left Cackling based on this shot alone, but agree otherwise. 

    Here's another shot of a presumptive Cackling Goose nestled between Tundra Swans and with some Sandhill Cranes in the background. It is quite small compared to the swans, and the beak is very short compared to a Canada Goose. What do you think?

    Cackling Goose.jpg

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