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  1. Sorry for the poor photo. It was taken with an iPhone at some distance from our car. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hey, that’s our second lifer during our short stay in Santa Barbara. Thank you!
  3. Many thanks for your thoughts on this sweet looking bird
  4. Saw this little laddie/lassie today in the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Thanks for your help!
  5. Maybe an immature Sharp-shinned Hawk? Thanks for your help.
  6. Unfortunately, a Flickr link no longer works once the title of a photo is changed. So when I updated the title of the photo from "Bird" to "Phainopepla", the link was lost. Here's the new link, and thanks for your interest. Phainopepla by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  7. Oh! A female, then? I never would have guessed. Thanks so much!
  8. Hi all, This was taken on 12 Jan this year near San Francisco Bay. I'm not fully convinced it's a Golden-crowned Sparrow, but maybe an immature? Thanks for your help. Mark Golden-crowned-Sparrow by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  9. Thanks to you both! Yes, sorry. I'm usually pretty good about time and place. Today, near San Francisco Bay.
  10. We have a male Nuttall's Woodpecker at our suet feeder from time to time, but this bird is a female and her back, with that big white triangular patch, is very different. My guess is a Downy. Thanks for your help. Downy Woodpecker, female by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  11. PS: I'm also confused by the blue bill which makes me think of Ruddy Duck.
  12. Hi all, and Happy New Year, This seems to be a Goldeneye of some kind. We certainly have then around the SF Bay area at this time. But I'm quite confused by the pattern of the white patch on the lower forehead, above the bill. It doesn't fit anything I see online. Could it be an immature male Common Goldeneye? Goldeneye by Mark Featherstone, on Flickr
  13. How embarrassing. I was sure it was not a red-tailed hawk, haha! Many thanks!
  14. Only had a chance for a quick and poor photo while driving by. Thanks for your help!
  15. Saw this bird yesterday in Las Vegas. Best I could do with an iPhone. Thanks for your help.
  16. One more from our visit to the Grand Canyon a few days ago. At first I just assumed it was a California Scrub-Jay, but now I see that the range isn’t right, whereas Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jay should work. I can also convince myself that the fainter and incomplete “necklace” and the gray belly are more like the latter. Thanks in advance for your help.
  17. Thank you so much! I didn’t know if I should expect to see some rust in the tail in that pose and angle.
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